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Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 18:55:20 EDT 2008 | gregoryyork

This is one of the biggest mistakes with the Lead Free process. We have all listened to the 'industry experts' and followed their advice and unfortunately got it wrong. Keep the dwell times (dependant on alloy selection) the same as Leaded so you are

80/20 Au/Sn Solder and Proper FLux Selection

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 17 17:38:29 EST 2011 | bandjwet

All: I am reaching out to get some suggestions on the right flux to use as well as a recommended cleaning process for soldering a KOVAR RF shield using 80/20 Au/Sn solder to a ceramic hybrid. The recommended profile is 4-5 min at 280C and at least

Foam fluxer maintenance, storage and cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 09:44:22 EST 2015 | davef

Purpose. This describes setting-up a wave soldering system set-up for a new assembly design or checking a wave solder machine operation with a test board. Applicability. To be used for new design printed circuit assembles and during machine accept

Does anyone run Siplace S15 and F3's anymore?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 11 09:42:07 EST 2016 | oxygensmd

I am trying to decide how to best dispose of our > old running Siemens equipment. I would like to > get something for them but I am not sure who > needs these older machines I have about 8 > available; any ideas guys? > I am trying to decide ho

Pick and Place Startup - LQPF100 bridging issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 10:24:15 EDT 2021 | oxygensmd

I have the same issue but with one customer only. All the other have smaller or more difficult QFPs with really low bridging issues - close to no-one. I think the PCB and PCB design also an issue - other customers are using 32/64/100/144 QFPs and we


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