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Effect of Morphology of Calcium Carbonate on Toughness Behavior and Thermal Stability of Epoxy-Based Composites

Technical Library | 2020-10-14 14:49:14.0

In this study, the modification of an epoxy matrix with different amounts of cube-like and rod-like CaCO3 nanoparticles was investigated. The effects of variations in the morphology of CaCO3 on the mechanical properties and thermal stability of the CaCO3/epoxy composites were studied. The rod-like CaCO3/epoxy composites (EP-rod) showed a higher degradation temperature (4.5 _C) than neat epoxy. The results showed that the mechanical properties, such as the flexural strength, flexural modulus, and fracture toughness of the epoxy composites with CaCO3 were enhanced by the addition of cube-like and rod-like CaCO3 nanoparticles. Moreover, the mechanical properties of the composites were enhanced by increasing the amount of CaCO3 added but decreased when the filler content reached 2%. The fracture toughness Kic and fracture energy release rate Gic of cube-like and rod-like CaCO3/epoxy composites (0.85/0.74 MPa m1/2 and 318.7/229.5 J m

Inha University

Handling of Highly-Moisture Sensitive Components - An Analysis of Low-Humidity Containment and Baking Schedules

Technical Library | 2022-09-12 14:07:47.0

Unique component handling issues can arise when an assembly factory uses highly-moisture sensitive surface mount devices (SMDs). This work describes how the distribution of moisture within the molded plastic body of a SMD is an important variable for survivability. JEDEC/IPC [1] moisture level rated packages classified as Levels 4-5a are shown to require additional handling constraints beyond the typical out-of-bag exposure time tracking. Nitrogen or desiccated cabinet containment is shown as a safe and effective means for long-term storage provided the effects of prior out-of-bag exposure conditions are taken into account. Moisture diffusion analyses coupled with experimental verification studies show that time in storage is as important a variable as floor-life exposure for highly-moisture sensitive devices. Improvements in floor-life survivability can be obtained by a handling procedure that includes cyclic storage in low humidity containment. SMDs that have exceeded their floor-life limits are analyzed for proper baking schedules. Optimized baking schedules can be adopted depending on a knowledge of the exposure conditions and the moisture sensitivity level of the device.



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