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. After the component is removed, an ALD pre-coated component is used as the replacement, as shown in Figure 1. In cases where RoHS materials are exempt, such as in aerospace and defense applications, tin-lead eutectic soldering of the new component is not likely to grow tin whiskers



. The requirements for this item specified the use of tin-lead solder during assembly of production units. One of the main responsibilities for ACI during this project was to assist the client in mitigating the risk introduced using commercial off-the-shelf materials that may be lead-free

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with an appropriate solvent.   Rosin/Resin (R) Natural or modified pine tree sap. Resins are processed Rosins. Rosin is the mildly acidic sap found in pine trees and was the first fluxing agent used in the Bronze Age.     S Shelf Life Duration of time a

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Ceridust® 3942 F


.  Packaging and Handling Delivery form Micronized powder Packaging Paper bag 20 kg Pallet 600 kg (30 bags) Storage  For best shelf life store this product in a dry area at normal ambient temperatures

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