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Void control

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 11 15:42:44 EDT 2012 | anvil1021

Yes they are but not durectly in the center,I was also noticing that even our passive components have voids where the microvias are? As a matter of fact there are up to 5 microvias in the passive pads? There was a previous design that had the micro

Printing micro-vias for BGA placement

Electronics Forum | Fri May 10 14:55:59 EDT 2002 | xrayhipp

Pete, thanks for the input. These are microvias and dont go through the pcb -- they are laser cut to various depths into the board and are .006" dia. on gold plated pads. Paul.


Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 02:17:37 EDT 2010 | tennythomas

I heard that one can create the stacked/staggered microvias in the layers 1-2 & 2-3 and skip microvia in the layer 1-3 of 6 layer stack up, when the prepreg is between layers 1 & 2 and the other prepreg is between the layers 2 & 3. I want to know w

Void control

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 11 14:32:30 EDT 2012 | blnorman

Are the microvias in the BGA ball pads?


Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 15:14:47 EST 2001 | jacob

Hello, I am trying to convince our design engineer to use micro-vias when he has to locate them in the middle of a pad. I heard of the use of micro-vias on this site and was wondering if someone could lead me in the direction of somewhere

Printing micro-vias for BGA placement

Electronics Forum | Fri May 10 09:07:42 EDT 2002 | xrayhipp

Does anyone know a surefire way to print micro-vias which are centered on BGA pads and also reduces solder ballooning? Would you design a process around two stencils? -- one for the vias themselves and one for the pads. Could you fill all of the vi


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 17 19:29:54 EST 2000 | Michael Allen

I'm searching for technical papers on the topic of via-in-pad (through-vias, not micro-vias) -- hopefully with reliability test results. There's been zero response to this question in the past, but I thought I'd ask again. References would be great


Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 09 18:29:34 EDT 2002 | davef

Any-Layer Interstitial Via Hole (ALIVH). In printed circuit board fabrication, a registered mark of Matsushita Electric for a filled microvia structure in all layers for applications requiring small-size, lightweight build-up PWB to achieve high-den

Printing micro-vias for BGA placement

Electronics Forum | Fri May 10 17:42:55 EDT 2002 | davef

I don't know �solder ballooning� from a shoebox. So, rather than let this degrade solely into a rant about the evils of via in pad, please get me up-to-speed in jargon.


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 09 21:45:23 EDT 2005 | davef

We don't know, but we'd contact Enthone-OMI [ http://www.enthone-omi.com ] for suggestions. Enthone makes materials used by fabricators of HDI, microvia boards.

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