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LPKF ZelFlex � Pneumatic Rapid Stretching Frames for most world-wide available SMT printers,, screen printing, stencil printing, Pick&Place, reflow, SMT Assembling, Rapid Prototyping, Laser Cutting and Drilling, microvia,

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PE-100 Plasma Etch Benchtop Plasma System

PE-100 Plasma Etch Benchtop Plasma System

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Compact Plasma Etcher The PE-100 is a complete system with vacuum pump designed to be reliable yet inexpensive enough to allow startup companies, medical labs and R&D facilities the opportunity to experience Plasma Etch technology. The all aluminum

Plasma Etch, Inc.

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IPC Issues Electronics Industry Warning on Printed Board Microvia Reliability for High Performance Products

Industry News | 2019-03-10 20:30:11.0

The proliferation of tighter microvia densities and signal integrity requirements in printed boards within the electronics industry has revealed reliability concerns with microvia structures in high performance products. A number of IPC OEM member companies have approached IPC with examples of microvia failures in high-profile hardware that were not observed until after bare printed board fabrication, inspection and acceptance, including:

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

Share Your Research at SMTA International 2016!

Industry News | 2015-11-25 16:58:05.0

On behalf of the SMTA International Technical Committee, we invite you to submit a 300 word abstract of your research for the 2016 SMTA International 2016 technical conference in Rosemont, Illinois. Papers should describe significant results from experiments, emphasize new techniques, and contain technical, economic or appropriate test data. We are looking for papers on a variety of topics related to electronics manufacturing including advanced packaging/components, assembly, business/supply chain, emerging technologies, harsh environment applications, PCB technology, and process control. Materials must be original, unpublished and non-commercial in nature.

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

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Review of Interconnect Stress Testing Protocols and Their Effectiveness in Screening Microvias

Technical Library | 2016-11-30 15:53:15.0

The use of microvias in Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for military hardware is increasing as technology drives us toward smaller pitches and denser circuitry. Along with the changes in technology, the industry has changed and captive manufacturing lines are few and far between. As PCBs get more complicated, the testing we perform to verify the material was manufactured to our requirements before they are used in an assembly needs to be reviewed to ensure that it is sufficient for the technology and meets industry needs to better screen for long-term reliability. The Interconnect Stress Testing (IST) protocol currently used to identify manufacturing issues in plated through holes, blind, or buried vias are not necessarily sufficient to identify problems with microvias. There is a need to review the current IST protocol to determine if it is adequate for finding bad microvias or if there is a more reliable test that will screen out manufacturing inconsistencies. The objective of this research is to analyze a large population of PCB IST coupons to determine if there is a more effective IST test to find less reliable microvias in electrically passing PCB product and to screen for manufacturing deficiencies. The proposed IST test procedure will be supported with visual inspection of corresponding microvia cross sections and Printed Wiring Assembly (PWA) acceptance test results. The proposed screening will be shown to only slightly affect PCB yield while showing a large benefit to screening before PCBs are used in an assembly.


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SMTnet Express - May 12, 2016

SMTnet Express, May 12, 2016, Subscribers: 24,536, Companies: 14,773, Users: 40,243 Influence of Plating Quality on Reliability of Microvias Yan Ning, Michael H. Azarian, Michael Pecht; CALCE Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering Advances

SMTnet Express - May 14, 2015

SMTnet Express, May 14, 2015, Subscribers: 22,738, Members: Companies: 14,345 , Users: 38,183 Reliability of Stacked Microvia Hardeep Heer, Ryan Wong; Firan Technology Group The Printed Circuit Board industry has seen a steady reduction in pitch

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