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Thermally Managed ( up to 1000 W /m K thermal transfer rate ), CTE controlled, Very Rigid, Light Weight STABLCOR PCB / Substrate Technology

G2 Technology

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G2 provides a complete, integrated, cloud-based solution that increases manufacturers' visibility, control and recovery of revenue.

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STABLCOR� is a Thermally Managed PCB / Substrate material technology with many benefits: High Thermal Conductivity with a product family that ranges from 100 W/m K up to 1000 W/m K Can more closely match the CTE mismatch that is common today bet


Agilent 86105A-202 20GHz Electrical/20GHz Optical Plug-In Module

Agilent 86105A-202 20GHz Electrical/20GHz Optical Plug-In Module

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Agilent 86105A-202 20GHz Electrical/20GHz Optical Plug-In Module The Agilent 86105A incorporates two measurement channels -- one optical, the second electrical. Each channel has two selectable bandwidth settings. In the lower bandwidth mode of 12

Recon Test Equipment Inc.

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CTE mismatch

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 14 14:37:45 EDT 2000 | Serrena Carter

Does anyone know where I can find good rule of thumb information on soldering/brazing. I am most interested learning the maximum recommended CTE mismatch between two different materials that thermally cycle between 25-100C.

TCE mismatch

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 18:40:39 EST 2007 | bill

What is an acceptable mismatch for smt components and pcb. We are having cracked solder joints from fatigue after repeated thermal cycling 25 deg. c to 125 deg.c.

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Agilent E5061B

Agilent E5061B

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Description The E5061B-010 time domain/fault location analysis option allows you to locate the discontinuities and mismatches of devices such as cables. By employing the gating function in the time domain and transforming the data back to the freque

Shenzhen jiahuijie technology Co,;Ltd

Agilent E4412A

Agilent E4412A

Used SMT Equipment | In-Circuit Testers

Agilent E4412A The Agilent E4412A diode power sensor, with wide dynamic range, is designed for use with the EPM and EPM-P series power meters for power measurements on CW signals from 10 MHz to 18 GHz. The E4412A power sensor provides extremely l

Test Equipment Connection

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SMTA Capital Chapter Tutorial – Supporting High Reliability at the OEM: A PCB Perspective

Industry News | 2019-04-30 17:39:40.0

The SMTA Capital Chapter and UP Media Group/Circuits Assembly Magazine are pleased to co-sponsor an amazing Chapter Tutorial Program. The tutorial will be held on June 11 and showcase the latest technologies, designs and reliability trends.

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

Indium Corporation Expert to Present at IMAPS Autumn Conference in Munich

Industry News | 2018-10-15 18:42:06.0

Indium Corporation expert, Andreas Karch, will present at the IMAPS Autumn Conference, Oct. 18-19 in Munich, Germany. At the conference, Karch will deliver his presentation entitled New Solder Alloy with Extended Temperature Range for High-Reliability Applications. He will review test results that demonstrate how a new alloy excels in harsh environments, including wide temperature range and high CTE mismatch. Karch will also share data from existing application qualifications.

Indium Corporation

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Temperature Cycling and Fatigue in Electronics

Technical Library | 2020-01-01 17:06:52.0

The majority of electronic failures occur due to thermally induced stresses and strains caused by excessive differences in coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) across materials.CTE mismatches occur in both 1st and 2nd level interconnects in electronics assemblies. 1st level interconnects connect the die to a substrate. This substrate can be underfilled so there are both global and local CTE mismatches to consider. 2nd level interconnects connect the substrate, or package, to the printed circuit board (PCB). This would be considered a "board level" CTE mismatch. Several stress and strain mitigation techniques exist including the use of conformal coating.

DfR Solutions

Meeting Heat And CTE Challenges Of PCBs And ICs

Technical Library | 2008-11-13 00:06:32.0

The electronics industry is facing issues with hot spots, solder joint stresses and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) mismatch between PCB and IC substrate. Flip chip type packages for example have very low CTE compared to traditional PCB material. Thus it is necessary to have low CTE printed circuit boards in order to keep solder joint intact with such low CTE packages. There are currently several materials available in the market to address thermal and CTE challenges but each material has its own advantages and limitations...


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Thermal Profiling: How to Inspect your Reflow Process

Thermal Profiling: How to Inspect your Reflow Process


There is SPI for Screen Printing. AOI for Pick and Place. Now there is RPI (Reflow Process Inspection) for the Reflow Oven. KIC's RPI provides production reports such as yield analysis, DPMO, Pareto Charts, Cpk and much much more. When RPI is use

KIC Thermal



Many Cusromers inquiry Headpcb's capabilty of counter sink board, and they are easy to mismatch counter sink with counterbore. In fact, there have big difference between counter sink and counterbore, today Headpcb's senior RD engine


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:00 PM EST   FEATURED EQUIPMENT: 2015 Vitronics XPM3m 10 Zone Reflow Oven 2011 Universal Genesis GC-120 Pick and Place SPF Record mismatch

Lewis & Clark

Video: BGA Processing for Reliability


. Methods of adjusting the manufacturing process to compensate for an alloy mismatch are presented. Also presented are methods to ensure a matching of alloys by modifications to the raw materials

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