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Electronic Assembly - PCB cleansing and COVID-19

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 13:14:41 EDT 2020 | dwl

Heat above 53 Celsius kills covid viruses according to the WHO: https://www.who.int/csr/sars/survival_2003_05_04/en/ If you want an added measure of safety, you could bake your boards before packing them. Fundamentally its going to be an issue of

Is Our Blood Leaded Or Unleaded?

Electronics Forum | Sun May 18 00:43:06 EDT 2008 | aisart

There are two approaches I have seen at different sites that seem to work. The first one is for them to use gloves. When I asked as to why, they told me there are studies that showed people wearing gloves are less likely to put them in their mouth an

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Clariant sets priority on employee health

| https://www.clariant.com/en/Corporate/Employee-Health

. •  Keep minimum distance of 2 meters (6 feet). If this cannot be maintained, wear a mask that cover mouth and nose. •  Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently with water and soap for at least 20 seconds

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