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Toshi Technology Inc. is a specialist in buying and selling, both Nationally and International, used Circuits Assembly Equipment and Automatic Test Equipment. (Fuji, Panasonic, Universal, etc)

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Screen Printers

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 28 09:42:51 EST 2002 | Claude_Couture

MPM SP200 are nice. Visual alignment with cameras. Get the one with dual head if you want metal squeegees. We have produced boards with .020" fine pitch with very good results. Unfortunatly, MPM does not sell those anymore, so you have to hunt for a

Screen Printers

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 08:39:07 EST 2002 | pjc

The MPM SP200 was replaced by the model SPM around 1994. They also have the model UP100, which is from the SMTech purchase. The UP100 is the low-end MPM semi-automatic. Information on the SPM & UP100 can be found at

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MPM SP-200

MPM SP-200

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Accelerated Buy Sell, Inc.

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DEK MPM EKRA squeegee

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MPM(UP-100、UP-200、UP-500、UP-1500、Accuflex、AccuPrint、SMTech、Sigmaprint、MicroFlex、Momentum、Reprint、UP-2000、SPM-2000、UP-3000、Acella、AP-20、AP-25、AP-27、SP-20、SP200、SP1500、SP2000、SP2400) KME(SP10P-M、SP20P-M、SP22P-M、SP28、SP28P-D(H)、SP60、SP60P-M、SP80、SPP、SP


Vitronics Industrial circuit boardrepair

Vitronics Industrial circuit boardrepair

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Repair parts include: CPU circuit board repair and maintenance of the I / O board, servo circuit board repair, the image processing circuit board repair, industrial CCD camera repair, frequency converter repair, PLC repair, touch screen repair, laser

Goodluck Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd

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Thermaltronics cross matches with Metcal and Hakko


Anti-Static Quick Braid Anti-Static Sea Braid Anti-Static Stencil Rolls DEK EKRA GKG/Juki MPM Yamaha Stencil Wipes Solder Bar Solder Solid Core Solder Pick

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