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Professional repairs, calibrations, training and installation of all models of Speedline MPM printers.

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Used SMT Screen Printers

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SMT Screen Printers - DEK, MPM, Ekra SMT Screen Printers for sale at JMW Enterprises.

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Electronics Forum: mpm up1500 screen printer jmw# 140337 (1)

best buy? (printers)

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 31 08:02:12 EST 2002 | davidweir

we are looking at buying an screen printer and are curretly have an mpm up1500 and dek ela on the shortlist both silimar spec's except mpm has automatic tooling. being a cem having to change set up a number of time a week quick change over is a co

Used SMT Equipment: mpm up1500 screen printer jmw# 140337 (19)

MPM UP1500

MPM UP1500

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MPM UP1500 Solder Paste Printer Left to Right / Right to Left PCB Flow Auto width rail adjust Standard 29 x 29 Stencil Frame Size Windows O/S Under Stencil Wipe Automatic Pin Placement Complete with PC, Keyboard, Mouse Comes with Squeegee Bla

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;Philips Assembleon 9.470E+11; Ekra Screen Printer; Speedline UP1500 Speedprinter; PACE IR3000 Rework Stations; Dek Horizon 03I; Dek Horizon O3I; DeK Horizon O2; Fuji GL-541E; Fuji GLV-5000; Fuji CP-65; Fuji IP-III; Vitronics Magnather 820N

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