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Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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we can supply SMT machines,SMT spare parts,SMT production consumable and AI spare parts at competitive prices ,like feeders,nozzles,filters,servo motors and various boards . for JUKI,SAMSUNG,Panasonic

Calquality electronics

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For Sale 2 Mydata MY12's single head. Running now in production available in Feb. 05. Contact Mark

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JUKI Fast Smart Modular Mounter RS-7R

JUKI Fast Smart Modular Mounter RS-7R

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Fast Smart Modular Mounter RS-1R standard 150mm conveyor extensions, 250mm conveyor extensions,  upstream and downstream upstream and downstream Board siz

KingFei SMT Tech

JUKI High -Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7R

JUKI High -Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7R

New Equipment | Assembly Services

Specification Model Item High -Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7R (P16SxP16S head) (P16Sxp8 head) (P8xP8 head) Board size Single lane conveyer

KingFei SMT Tech

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Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 19 15:56:12 EST 2011 | armandogomez

Hi! I have 2 Mydatas in here, I think the 2 passwords are not the ones you are looking for, Might be that the software is looking for something call the Magic Word? if so, you need to contact MYDATA so that they can send you the "Magic Word", you se


Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 04 16:54:52 EST 2011 | andersenequipment

I have a mydata tp-11, crap hard drive, When I look to replace the hard drive with another, the machine ask me for a password or passcode. Anyone help?

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Mydata MY100DX-14

Mydata MY100DX-14

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

This 2010 Mydata MY100DX-14 SMT Pick & Place has just become available for immediate purchase. Please contact with any interest.

Baja Bid

Industry News: mydata dx 12 (78) To Conduct an Online SMT Exchange Auction

Industry News | 2014-03-07 15:01:40.0 will be conducting an online SMT Exchange Auction. This event will include a wide variety of electronic manufacturing & assembly equipment from several sellers sites located at different sites around the United States.

Baja Bid

Online SMT Auction December 14 - 16, 2020

Industry News | 2020-12-08 10:03:33.0

Baja Bid will be selling used electronic manufacturing equipment in our upcoming SMT auction. The online bidding period opens on December 14th at 8:00am EST and begins closing on December 16th at 1:00pm EST.

Baja Bid

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Jetting Strategies for mBGAs a question of give and take...

Technical Library | 2015-04-02 20:12:58.0

The demands on volume delivery and positioning accuracy for solder paste deposits are increasing as the size and complexity of circuits continue to develop in the electronics industry. According to the iNEMI 2013 placement accuracy for these kinds of components will reach 6 sigma placement accuracy in X and Y of 30 um by 2023.This study attempts to understand the dependencies on piezo actuation pulse profile on jetting deposit quality, especially focused on positioning, satellites and shape. The correlation of deposit diameter and positioning deviation as a function of piezo actuation profile shows that positioning error for deposits increase almost monotonically with decreasing droplet volume irrespective of the piezo-actuation profile. The trends for shape and satellite levels are not as clear and demand further study.

Mycronic Technologies AB

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Mydata MY100-DX A

Mydata MY100-DX A


SMT Pick & Place

Baja Bid

Mydata MY12 SMT Pick and Place

Mydata MY12 SMT Pick and Place


2004 Mydata MY 12 SMT Pick and Place Power: 210 / 121VAC; 3 Phase Machine Dimensions: 132" x 48" x 60" Features: Electrical two-pole test Optical Centering HYDRA; HYDRA High Speed Z High Speed; Autoteach Line Scan Software Version 2.4.6b

Baja Bid

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Online SMT Auction

Events Calendar | Mon Dec 14 00:00:00 EST 2020 - Wed Dec 16 00:00:00 EST 2020 | ,

Online SMT Auction

Lewis & Clark

Feeder Frenzy's Shark Week 2021 Sales Event

Events Calendar | Wed Jul 14 00:00:00 EDT 2021 - Sat Jul 31 00:00:00 EDT 2021 | Nashua, New Hampshire USA

Feeder Frenzy's Shark Week 2021 Sales Event

Feeder Frenzy

Career Center - Jobs: mydata dx 12 (8)

Production Coordinator / Supervisor

Career Center | Milford, New Hampshire USA | Engineering,Management,Production

Seeking candidate with excellent SMT process engineering skills to act as production coordinator / processing engineer for contract manufacturer. Experience with UNICAM required. Mydata and AOI experience preferred.


SMT Operator

Career Center | Aurora, Colorado USA | Production

Pinted Circuit Boards manufacturer is seeking experienced SMT Operator. Experience with Fuji and Siemens or Mydata Pick is a must. This is a Temporary position Schedule: 3rd shift Compensation: $13-$15/hr If you're interested please reply to thi

Summit Staffing

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mehrdad resume

Career Center | la jolla, California USA | Engineering

More than 18 years experience in AOI. Refer to my resume for more details.

Detail Oriented

Career Center | north augusta, South Carolina USA | Production,Quality Control

Detail oriented!

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SMTnet Express - January 12, 2017

SMTnet Express, January 12, 2017, Subscribers: 30,105, Companies: 15,077, Users: 41,720 Research on Decision-making of Green Reverse Logistics in Enterprises: A Case Study on Electronic Products Manufacturers from the Perspective of South Africa

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Mycronic & Mydata


: D-025-0211B-3 MyData Mycronic BOARD LOCK ARM MSRP: Now: $85.00 Add to Cart Compare Quick view Details Count On Tools | sku: K-012-0016 MyData Mycronic INLINE FILTER (PACK OF 12) MSRP: Now

Mydata MY19 Hydra

1st Place Machinery Inc. |

) Camera type - original standard centering Camera - Soft Version - 2.0.11c Options - A12, A13, A14, A23, A24, C23 Includes the following Mydata Feeders (6) 8 x 2 - 8 x 4 (4) 12 x 4 - 12 x 8 (3) 16 x 8 - 16 x 12 (3) 24 x 12 - 24 x 16 (1) 32 x 24  (1) 44mm (5

1st Place Machinery Inc.

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