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upgrading pnp

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 15:06:43 EST 2008 | dyoungquist

MyData machines are probably your best choice for low volume/high mix applications. Change over times can be minimal when you are loading your extra magazines/feeders for the next job while the previous job is running on the machine. Component plac

upgrading pnp

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 04 11:10:47 EST 2008 | dphilbrick

Although Mydata is probably your best choice they are hard to come by used. If you have the budget for a CP7 you could easily get a refurb from MyData. What ever you do don't buy a Fuji for low volume! Although many might disagree with me a Siemens

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Mydata Transfer Conveyors

Mydata Transfer Conveyors

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(4) MyData/Electro-Design Rear Side Transfer Conveyors Utilized with MyData MY12E PnP's 78.5" Length Available Immediately Jake@lelsemi.com

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Assembleon Emerald X-II with LCS Tray Feeder ID_001731 (5/22): World Equipment Source

| https://www.wesource.com/component-placers-pick-place-and-insertion-machines/assembleon-emerald-x-ii-with-lcs-tray-feeder-id-001731-5/22/

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