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An alcohol based, halide free, no-clean liquid flux designed specifically to have a very wide process window for wave solder applications.Flux, No Clean Liquid, NC-264-5, (4 Gallon Case)

Production Automation Corporation

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Flux Classifications.

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 04 12:00:56 EST 2004 | tryn

I am looking at two different type fluxes, Kester 951nc and AIM 264-5nc. The two seem to be comparable, but the Kester is listed as an ORL0 and the AIM as a ROL0. My product builds are all military and I have been dictated to use only ROl0 flux. I kn

Wave solder Products Dirty Boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 10 17:04:35 EST 2014 | globalpowerproducts

I am having a problem producing clean boards when i run them through my new machine. Currently i use an Electrovert system that uses trays and we are trying to upgrade our equipment so I bought a SHEO 8250 and it is making the boards dirty and lots o

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: +1-973-377-6800 Ext 5 AUX. CNTACT NO/NC FOR KM1A E-Mail Us: Fields with * are required. Don't forget to learn about our new reflow oven

Heller Industries Inc.

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