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Circuit Frames

Circuit Frames

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BEST circuit frames come in both dry film and epoxy versions. We can produce circuit frames in 1 and 2 oz copper as well as with shiny tin or nickle gold coating. These circuit frames are microetched on the board side in order to insure better adhesi


EMI tin plated metal  shielding cover

EMI tin plated metal shielding cover

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Material: nickle silver Thickness: 0.3mm Tolerance: ±0.127mm Packing: shield frame in tape and reel,shield cover in common tray Certificate: ROHS,material data sheet,ISO9001:2015 Delivery time: 20 days for tooling,10 days for mass prod

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Soldering to nickle plated kovar parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 21:17:10 EST 2004 | gm05688

When soldering a metalized germanimum window to a nickle plated kovar part, I would like to understand the intermetalic. Does the nickle plate actually melt or will the solder(SN63)simple stick to the nickle and not cause nickle to reflow? Any one ou

Soldering to nickle plated kovar parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 22:26:17 EST 2004 | davef

You should to be soldering to the nickel. The intermetallic is Ni3Sn4. "At relatively low temperatures, the tin-nickel layers form about as rapidly as the tin-copper layers do, but at higher temperatures their growth rate is distinctly lower. At 10

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Industry News | 2017-11-30 00:52:06.0

Recently, Nickel metal prices continued to surge. The Futures Nickel prices of London Stock Exchange hit a 28-month high and the nickel metal prices of Shanghai Futures Exchange was a strong closing limit yesterday.

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BICHENG Heavy copper PCB

BICHENG Heavy copper PCB

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1). FR-4 Material 2). 2 layer, 1.2mm thick 3). 5 oz copper weight. 4). LPI Green solder mask/White silk screen 5). Immersion gold over nickle

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Circuit Frames

Circuit Frames


BEST has a variety of standard circuit frame patterns. We also can cross-reference competitive patterns and fabricate custom patterns without very large minimum orders. Call for help in picking the right circuit frame. These are ALL ROHS compliant. A


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0.002”, 0.004”, & 0.006” I.D.s see above see above 22110499 K E Y: * PB with EN = Phosphor Bronze with Electroless Nickle † NS with EN = Nickle Silver with Electroless Nickle

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EQUIPMENT Equipment Accessories REFLOW FURNACE MPM DEK Rehm HELLER OTHER PARTS CONTACT US SURFACE MOUNT SYSTEM Product number:00309754-01 Description: Distance sleeve 5.6*8*10 St nickle-pl. Distance sleeve 5.6*8*10 St nickle-pl. PREVIOUS: 00309645-01 NEXT

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