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Solderability Problem on NiPdAu

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 12 12:45:56 EDT 2010 | tony1

Hi there, does anyone experience in NiPdAu solderability dip & look test? I experiencing solder non wet issue on side I/O & also center ground for QFN package. Appreciate someone can offer me a solution. Thanks

Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 13:41:06 EDT 2001 | bentzen

Thanks a lot Dave. I think I will stay away from OSP. I just thought that it could be a cheaper solution than NiAU for fine pitch. And I don�t trust the silver coating types. Brian

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FCT Assembly Develops Anti-tombstoning Paste Formulation

Industry News | 2014-02-03 14:13:04.0

FCT Assembly is pleased to announce that it now offers a variety of anti-tombstoning solder pastes as an option with each of its solder paste fluxes.


FCT Assembly Introduces NL930PT Pin Probable Solder Paste

Industry News | 2010-03-22 13:14:36.0

GREELEY, CO — FCT Assembly introduces its NL930PT no-clean, lead-free, halide-free pin probable solder paste. The product is unique in that it is a clear residue paste that can print down to low surface area ratios consistently. Combined with SN100C, this solder paste produces the most cosmetically appealing solder joint available on the market.


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The Morphology Evolution and Voiding of Solder Joints on QFN Central Pads with a Ni/Au Finish

Technical Library | 2012-10-18 21:58:51.0

First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings. In this paper, we report on a comprehensive study regarding the morphology evolution and voiding of SnAgCu solder joints on the central pad of two different packages – QFN and an Agilent package called TOPS – on PCBs with a Ni/Au surface finish.

Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Evaluating the Effects of Plasma Treatment prior to Conformal Coating on Electronic Assemblies to Enhance Conformity of Coverage

Technical Library | 2017-06-01 17:12:08.0

The corrosion of Nickel-Palladium-Gold (Ni-Pd-Au) finish terminals in humid environments is known to be reduced with the application of a conformal coating such as acrylic. Corrosion has a higher rate of occurrence around the terminal ‘knee’ of a surface mount component, which may be reduced with the application of conformal coatings. Although radio frequency (RF) plasma processing is generally known to enhance conformity of conformal coating to surfaces through ionic bombardment, the effect on the functionality of assembled printed circuit boards (PCB) is not as well known. The purpose of this study is to assess whether RF plasma processing can enhance the adhesive and coverage qualities of an acrylic conformal coating on PCBs, specifically on Ni-Pd-Au terminals with a knee, and if plasma processing has an effect on the electrical functionality of components and fully assembled PCB.

MARCH Products | Nordson Electronics Solutions

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The Morphology Evolution and Voiding of Solder Joints on QFN Central Pads with a Ni/Au Finish

The Morphology Evolution and Voiding of Solder Joints on QFN Central Pads with a Ni/Au Finish SMTnet Express October 19, 2012, Subscribers: 25598, Members: Companies: 9011, Users: 33828 The Morphology Evolution and Voiding of Solder Joints on QFN

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