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Dye and Pry on PoPs?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 16 07:51:16 EDT 2011 | a

C-SAM is a non-destructive alternative that a lot laboratories and chip manufacturers use. Dye and Pry would work I suppose although I have never done it in practice with PoP but it should be any different for PoP.

Removing carbon finish from pcbs

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 06 21:15:23 EDT 2017 | davef

I'd be surprised if you find a non-destructive method of removing carbon ink. Your best bet is following the recommendations of your ink supplier.


Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 11:42:37 EST 1999 | Dave F

Jeff: Try this: ROSA. John�s spot on. I�ll add that it is a fluxless method that reduces the oxides in an aqueous solution. Another source of information is: Trench, M., Hillman, D., Lucey, G., "Environmentally Friendly Closed Loop Soldering,"

Re: Reflow Temperature Labels/Stickers

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 12 11:19:16 EST 1999 | marc p

| I've heard about these reflow temperature labels/stickers but haven't seem to find them. Is there such a thing? And how reliable are they? I don't want to keep attaching thermocouple probes onto a board whenever there's a issue. | I am not so fam

Re: Inprocess Cu plating measurement tools/machine for Flex.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 12:00:01 EST 2000 | K. Ckak

Hi Folks, I am looking for some info. and possibly a source on measuring inprocess copper plating thickness for Flex PCB manufacturing facilities. I have tried XRF, E-Current method but the supplier told us that it wont work with Flex material - th

Component failure analysis

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 19 14:29:12 EDT 2005 | ppwlee

What are possible failure analysis (destructive or non-destructive and what are the pro/cons) I could conduct on the component level (of an IC) to determine failure mode/root cause? We are measuring internal shorts between leads on a SOIC after sold


Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 15:55:04 EDT 2008 | boardhouse

See if you can find someone with an XRF machine or talk to your Current Board house they probably have this equiptment if they run ENIG or Silver finishes. I would stop in with some boards your having issues with and have them measure the thickness.


Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 07 07:45:44 EST 2011 | davef

Consider measuring the temperature of the BGA solder balls during reflow. This will give you a more accurate impression of the actual soldering temperature than you are getting now. The 1/6/2011 SMT Express Newsletter‏ contained an interesting arti

Dye and Pry on PoPs?

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 19 02:16:40 EDT 2011 | ppcbs

In my opinion destructive methods went out with the stone age. At least they did at our company. We specialize in non-destructive defect analysis. We can determine where the failure is i.e. assembly process, fab defect, BGA defect or plating proce

Presence of Copper

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 14:30:32 EDT 2012 | bandjwet

Put on your Chemical Thinking Caps..... We are ablating the mask of a PCB which was over a copper layer. This exposes copper. Outside of an electrical test (no can do) how could we use a fast non-destructive test in order to determine that copper (

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