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ALPHA® Liquid Soldering Flux

ALPHA® Liquid Soldering Flux

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ALPHA® EF-Series fluxes offer environmentally friendly benefits, while providing unmatched soldering performance. The ALPHA soldering flux line is unsurpassed in providing wave soldering process solutions. Its alcohol-based fluxes provide excellent w

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Copper oxide

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 02 08:12:05 EDT 2003 | davef

Q: So, can I concluded that this greenish "fungus" looking staff is not initiated from high hot air temperature setting ? A: Your temperature setting could have increased the growth rate of this crunchy looking stuff, but we wouldn't start there to

Re: Fluxes

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 18:28:39 EST 2000 | Russ

I agree with Steve, Ultra Sonic fluxing with positive displacement instead of air pressure is key (at least in my experience). You might want to try the NR330 instead. It seems to give less solder balls and fills holes very well. Russ

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