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panasonic mv2 and mpa3 secret screen passwords

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 19 01:36:55 EDT 2010 | jola

Been a while since I used those machines but I found a list on how it was on ours anyway: MV2-F,C: F8-F1-F7-SHIFT-M-V MPA-V: F8-F1-F7-SHIFT-M-P-SHIFT-A-SHIFT-V MPA-G1: F8-F4-F7-SHIFT-M-F7-P-F7-SHIFT-A-F7 Always start from the main "run" screen. Go

BGA rework rate

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 08:25:02 EST 2005 | marakas

Could anyone advise what BGA rework rate we should expect with product that has 4 BGAs (224 pins, 196 pins, 160 pins, 48 pins). Negative factor is that we have old and tired pick & place - Panasonic MPA-G1 or MPA-V without AOI.

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Panasonic MPA-G3

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Panasonic MPA-G1 NM-MB10A available for sale, please contact if interested. Thanks.

Bao Ding (S) Pte Ltd

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Electronics Manufacturing /SMT/Quality/ISO/6 sigma

Career Center | , | 2013-03-07 05:50:27.0

Looking for Leader ship Opprtunity in Electronics Manufacturing Plant in India

SMT Engineer

Career Center | Bangalore, Karnataka India | Engineering,Production,Research and Development,Technical Support

� Exposure to Siemens Pick & Place M/Cs. � Basic knowledge in POP components, 01005 component package. � Exposure in SIX SIGMA TOOLS � WHITE BELT. � Performing DFM for the new products & running products. � Exposure in scre

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Air Filter Element KXF0E3RRA00 04A30159010/KHA400-309-G1 For CM402

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-309-G1 For CM402 Air Filter Element KXF0E3RRA00 04A30159010/KHA400-309-G1 For CM402 Product Details: Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Panasonic Model Number

Sony DRY-PUMP KHA200-305-G1--Leaderway Industrial co.,ltd

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Sony DRY-PUMP KHA200-305-G1--Leaderway Industrial co.,ltd Home Company Products Hot Sales News Downloads Contact Contact Form 300 955 上一张 下一张

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