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KV8-M66E3-00X KV8-M66E5-001 CN8 YV100XG Vacuum Board Cable 37W 44W Valve Connector

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-00X KW1-M22DA-100 KGA-M911E-00X KHJ-MC10E-00 KHJ-MC10C-00 KW1-M226J-00X KV7-M9127-00X KV7-M9122-00X KV7-M9121-00X KM5-M7174-F0X 90990-17J019 KU2-M71F1-00X KGA-M9132-00X KHJ-MC24J-00 KHJ-MC162-S0 KHM

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Importing PCB CAD, Gerber, XY Rotation, BOM Files, etc. GENCAD, ODB++, IPC-2581, IPC-D-356, etc. | U


041438X0360Y0300R270 S1 317+5V P5 -45 A01X 050500Y 035000X0600Y S0 317+5V P5 -48 A01X 049500Y 036000X0600Y S0 Link to download a sample IPC-D-356 file There is also a full sample of this CAD file on your installation directory of the Unisoft software and by default it


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