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Pan-Continental ( H. K. ) Limited

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Copper Oxide for Parallel Electronic Plating System (PCB industry). Pan-Continental (H. K.) Limited is the biggest Copper and Zinc compound in Taiwan. Welcome to cooperate with your company.

Eurocoin Ltd

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Eurocoin is Europe's leading supplier to the coin-operated machine industry. Our major product lines are coin and banknote validators, TFT-LCD panels, tokens & gaming chips, touchscreens and spares. We offer pan-European sales and technical support.

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Enhanced Reality Microscope (ERMA)

Enhanced Reality Microscope (ERMA)

New Equipment | Inspection

True 3D Digital Viewer Intuitively Designed for You Move your assembly process to the next level with our state-of-the-art, fully integrated digital inspection viewer. Moving away from the traditional models of using multiple microscopes, our new En

WPI Vision

PCB Library Expert - Tens of Millions of FREE Parts, 25 CAD Formats!

PCB Library Expert - Tens of Millions of FREE Parts, 25 CAD Formats!

New Equipment | Software

The PCB Library Expert is a powerful CAD library development tool powered by our own proprietary CAD LEAP Technology (Libraries Enhanced with Automated Preferences). It is packed with very powerful advanced library management features that cuts footp

PCB Libraries, Inc.

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very cheap way to reclaim solder from dross

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 13 11:27:51 EDT 2008 | dwelch123

For 15 years I have used a similar method, only I used two bread pans. You can fit alot more solder in them. In one pan I drilled holes very similar to the photo in one pan and used a reclaiming agent such as Kleenox to prep it a bit. Then used the o

Question of which bread pan to use when draining the wave solder pot?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 07 13:36:11 EDT 2020 | rieko

I tried to reply to your response, but the site locked the discussion? You gave the information on the bread pans. I was wondering a teflon bread loaf pan would work for SAC?

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Aqueous Technologies AQ400

Aqueous Technologies AQ400

Used SMT Equipment | Board Cleaners

Aqueous Technologies Batch Cleaner For Sale. Just came out of United States Air Force Base where it has been kept in storage for many years. The cleaner is clean and the time meter reads only 208 cycles. See attached pictures and information belo

1st Place Machinery Inc.

Electrovert Reflow oven

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

Electrovert Reflow oven / Reflow kemence Omniflo 7 1 Electrovert Reflow oven / Reflow kemence Omniflo 7 1 Vitronics Soltec Reflow Quantis 1 Electrovert Reflow oven / Reflow kemence Omniflo 7 1 Electrovert Reflow oven / Reflow kemence OmniExcel 7

Salescon Ltd.

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No Brexit Impact on Europlacer’s Mid-Year Performance.

Industry News | 2017-08-01 06:18:26.0

A year on from the UK’s controversial Brexit vote, Europlacer Industries is seeing no discernible impact on its equipment revenues in the UK. Or globally. Just half way though the company’s fiscal year (coinciding with the calendar year), Europlacer sales are already 80% ahead of target. Sister company, Speedprint Technologies, reports being 50% ahead of its sales target.


Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium

Industry News | 2013-01-02 15:53:13.0

The Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium promotes international technical interchange and provides a premier forum for networking among microelectronics professionals and business leaders throughout the world.

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

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Panasonic SMT double splice tape

Panasonic SMT double splice tape

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

  SMT Special Splice Tape for Panasonic Model: CM402       FS-13908G 500Pcs For 8mm carrier tape SMT Special Double Splice Tape 8mm for Pan.CM402   3pcs of matt black tape       FS-13912G 500Pcs For 12mm carrier tape SMT Special

KingFei SMT Tech

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Thermal Residue Fingerprinting: A Revolutionary Approach to Develop a Selective Cleaning Solution

Technical Library | 2009-07-01 09:24:25.0

During the last 5 years, the processes to remove flux residues especially for lead-free and challenging geometries have demonstrated new cleaning obstacles which have to be overcome.i A new methodology has been recently developed to further increase the propensity for successful cleaning.ii At the core of this method is the thermal identification of the residue matrix. Thermal energy changes the physical state, i.e. transitions between liquid, solid and gas phases. By taking advantage of such specific information during phase transitions, the cleaning process can be tailored to such settings, which in turn increases the cleaning success significantly.

ZESTRON Americas

An Alternative Dispense Process for Application of Catalyst Films on MEA's

Technical Library | 2008-10-01 14:02:27.0

This paper proposes an integrated system for film application process than consists of closed loop mass calibration to assure film thickness, a noncontact fast jetting process with high edge definition capable of applying films for highly selective areas and patterns. A system to obtain homogeneity of the solid-fluid mix is described and results are shared.


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Yamaha YV100II Vision Board KV1-M441H-113


SMT spare parts SMT pick and place machine Yamaha YV100II Vision Board KV1-M441H-113 $TL4-02 JOINT $SLY10-03 JOINT $SL12-03 JOINT KG2-M669R-11X HNS,BUZZER KGS-M1113-00X PLATE 3(VALVE) KHW-M8582-00X VALVE 91312-03030 BOLT,HEX.SOCKET HEA

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

Yamaha Valve A010E1-55W KV8-M7162-20X


SMT spare part SMT pick and place machine Yamaha Valve A010E1-55W KV8-M7162-20X SSU4 SPEED CONTROLLER TL4-M3M JOINT 98507-04005 SCREW PAN HEAD 98507-03005 SCREW PAN HEAD 91317-03025 BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD 91317-04018 BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium

Events Calendar | Mon Feb 10 00:00:00 EST 2020 - Thu Feb 13 00:00:00 EST 2020 | The Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii USA

Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

2017 RaMP Workshop and Tabletop Exhibition

Events Calendar | Wed Apr 26 00:00:00 EDT 2017 - Thu Apr 27 00:00:00 EDT 2017 | Paris, France

2017 RaMP Workshop and Tabletop Exhibition

International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS)

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Production Manager

Career Center | Silvassa, India | Production,Quality Control,Sales/Marketing

Experience in Electronics manufacturing line including SMT Processes


Career Center | GURGAON, India | Engineering,Quality Control,Research and Development


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