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ICM IR Curing Machines

ICM IR Curing Machines

New Equipment | Curing Equipment

Economical On-Line Curing Oven. ICM Series is a capable, lead free CE certified reflow oven with upper & bottom individual far Infrared heater zones, pin chain & mesh belt inline conveyor. It's suitable for high-volume curing production. They are ea


Emerson DeltaV KL2101X1-BA1

Emerson DeltaV KL2101X1-BA1

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    Charlene WhatsApp no.: +86- 18020714492 Skype&Email:     MODEL YXO 118 STANDBY MODEL 4890024-LR/2


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Guidelines for Cost Determination

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 11:15:53 EDT 2001 | Gil Zweig

The cost of an x-ray inspection system will be determined by the following inter-related paramers: 1. The focal spot size of the x-ray source. 2. The maximum tube voltage. 3. The physical size and shielding requirements of the systems. 4. The design

Wave soldering defects

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 29 10:47:22 EST 2016 | luciano

Thanks SuMoTe, I've already tried fluxing various boards (new clean ones and older ones) without turning the waves on and with different temperature setups (within the suggested params from Alpha) in the preheat zone. The results were in many cases

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Agilent 8719D

Agilent 8719D

Used SMT Equipment | In-Circuit Testers

Agilent 8719D The HP Agilent 8719D is a used 50 MHz to 13.5 GHz, Vector Network Analyzer. Product Specs:     50 MHz to 13.5, 20, or 40 GHz frequency coverage     New processor makes measurements and data transfers up to seven times faster    

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Agilent 8722D

Agilent 8722D

Used SMT Equipment | General Purpose Test & Measurement

Agilent-Keysight 8722D 8722D 50 MHz to 40 GHz Microwave Network Analyzer 40GHz The HP 8722D vector network analyzer combines a fast synthesized source, tuned receiver, and S-parameter test set in a single instrument. 50 MHz to 40 GHz frequency

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SMT007-MIRTEC Intelligent Factory Automation Article-November 2020

Technical Library | 2020-12-02 20:36:54.0

Industry 4.0 is a topic of much discussion within the electronics manufacturing industry. Manufacturers and vendors are trying to come to terms with what that means. In the most simplistic of terms, Industry 4.0 is a trend toward automation and data exchange within the manufacturing process. This basically requires connectivity and communication from machine to machine within the manufacturing line. The challenge is to collect data from each of the systems within the line and make that data available to the rest of the machines. Without test and inspection, there is no Industry 4.0. The whole purpose of test and inspection is to collect actionable data that may be used to reduce defects and maximize efficiency within the manufacturing line. The goal is to minimize scrap and get a really good handle on those process parameters that need to be put in place to manufacture products the right way the first time. For maximum efficiency, three inspection systems are required within the production line. These are solder paste inspection (SPI) post-solder deposition, automated optical inspection (AOI) post-placement, and AOI post-reflow. This requires a substantial investment; however, the combination of all three inspection machines is really the only true way to provide feedback for each stage of the manufacturing process.


Fluid Flow Mechanics Key To Low Standoff Cleaning

Technical Library | 2009-09-18 14:42:37.0

In recent years, various studies have been issued on cleaning under low standoff components; most however, with incomplete information. It is essential to revisit and describe the latest challenges in the market, identifying obvious gaps in available information. Such information is crucial for potential and existing users to fully address the cleanliness levels under their respective components. With the emergence of lead-free soldering and even smaller components, new challenges have arisen including cleaning in gaps of less than 1-mil.

ZESTRON Americas

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Peel Bck Tester SPC Guide

GPD Global |

. Test results are recorded for incoming or outgoing taped components. Theory of Operation Set up involves loading and aligning a reel or strip of component carrier tape, verifying peel speed, configuring the printer, and, as needed, m odifying test param eters

GPD Global

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