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Plasma Cleaning / Etching

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 21 15:15:19 EDT 2010 | jry74

Does anyone have any experience or heard of cleaning fully populated PCBs with plasma cleaning?

Plasma Cleaning Ryton

Electronics Forum | Mon May 12 10:48:49 EDT 2003 | Theresa Woodford

Does anyone have any experience with plasma cleaning? I currently have an IMS Substrate (10-15 microinch gold flash over electroless Ni) attched to Ryton PPS / R40 walls (40% glass filled/compression molded). The wall is being attached to the IMS u

Plasma Cleaning System reccomendations

Electronics Forum | Tue May 26 12:53:49 EDT 2015 | edward_garcia

I am looking to clean about 50 plastic circuit boards per week with a plasma cleaning system. I am looking at these systems: http://www.plasmaetch.com/plasma-cleaning-systems.php Does anyone have a recommendation about size? I don't want to be fo

Plasma Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 13 05:34:57 EDT 2005 | harryang

Any advice how to select plasma cleaner...Is Atmospheric plasma cleaning a better option than low pressure plasma (chamber) type? Thanks...

Aluminum wire bonding on ENEPIG plated PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 10 10:42:36 EDT 2013 | capse

Plasma cleaning is used extensively to clean surfaces prior to wire bonding.

Plasma Cleaning Ryton

Electronics Forum | Mon May 12 20:29:00 EDT 2003 | davef

We can email you a contact

Plasma Cleaning Ryton

Electronics Forum | Tue May 13 09:35:24 EDT 2003 | Theresa Woodford

That would be great. Please send to twoodford@irf.com Thank You, Theresa

Plasma Cleaning System reccomendations

Electronics Forum | Thu May 28 19:21:04 EDT 2015 | groth12345

I am the Sales Manager for Plasma Etch. We have systems starting at $7K for cleaning PCBs up to 4" x 7". Please contact me at plasmaetchsteve@aol.com Thank you.

Plasma Cleaning System reccomendations

Electronics Forum | Tue May 26 16:19:10 EDT 2015 | capse

Nordson MARCH offers several chest style plasma systems configurable to up to 7 shelves. http://www.plasmapowerplus.com

soldering and bonding on gold PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 17:03:44 EST 2002 | rob_thomas

We follow IPC-2221 recommendations for Au and don't have a problem as long as the Ni is under 150 microinches.This ensures a consistent process for us.Also we do plasma clean after SMt and prior to wirebond.That makes a big difference. Rob

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