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Plasma Etch, Inc.

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Manufacturer of surface deposition and plasma surface cleaning and etching equipment offering reliable, repeatable cleaning and etching of PCBs and other materials.

Reinhausen Plasma GmbH

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Supplier of plasma solutions for surface finishing and coating.

SCI Automation Pte Ltd

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SCI Automation specializes in plasma cleaning, etching and surface activation equipment, and provides effective cleaning and etching solutions to the Semiconductor, Electronic, Automotive, Medical and Life Science industries.

MARCH Products | Nordson Electronics Solutions

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MARCH Products is the global leader in plasma cleaning equipment and plasma processing technology for PCB manufacturing and semiconductor packaging. The company has designed and manufactured plasma equipment for 35+ years.

Tepla Inc.

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Microwave Plasma System for assembly cleaning prior to wirebond, attach, encapsulation, and underfill.

Prime Solutions

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A contract printer offering pad printing, laser marking & demarking, surface reconditioning, ink marking, barcodes, serialization, bake and dry pack, plasma and other cleaning processes and screen printing technologies for the electronics industry.

Polyplas GmbH

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For the technology by hand, finger tape for handling and assembling before soldering,cleaning of components and pc boards by Plasma. Tools – vacuum Tools - vacuum tweezers without external pump,cups

Plasmatreat USA, Inc.

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Plasmatreat is the global market leader in developing surface treatment solutions with atmospheric and low pressure plasma technology


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