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Ventec International Group

Ventec International Group

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Ventec develops, manufactures and sells high quality copper clad laminates and pre preg bonding materials for the fabrication of a wide variety of printed circuit board (PCB) applications.

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                          Pre-Preg 10MIL RO4350B  


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A high speed micro via drilling system, the GS-600 incorporates a dual laser system for the highest throughput and hole quality. Capable of producing up to 900 holes/second, the hole diameters can range from 0.001" to 0.010". The GS-600 is compatib

GSI Group

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Crazing or Delam - Thermal or Mechanical?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 25 22:25:24 EDT 2009 | boardhouse

In the life of this product that you have been doing this process, has the material alway's been IT180 material? One problem with Lead free material is that it is more fragile that standard FR4 Epoxy laminate. And is known to have chipping or fractu

board delaminated after reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 08 14:46:34 EDT 2009 | boardhouse

The things to ask your board supplier would be: 1) Was the Pre-preg material that was used on this board within its Shelf life? and ask for the Incoming inspection CofC for the Pre-preg material. 2)Was this order shipped from Stock - this is why

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Basics of Manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards

Technical Library | 2007-03-13 14:29:57.0

This article tells about the basics of manufacturing printed circuit boards including the terminology and the steps to processing a PCB.

Innovative Circuits Inc.

Development of a Design & Manufacturing Environment for Reliable and Cost- Effective PCB Embedding Technology

Technical Library | 2011-10-06 13:59:04.0

The desire to have more functionality into increasingly smaller size end products has been pushing the PCB and IC Packaging industry towards High Density Interconnect (HDI) and 3D Packaging (stacked dies, embedded packaged components). Many companies in the high-end consumer electronics market place have been embedding passive chip components on inner PCB and IC Packages for a few years now. However, embedding packaged components on inner layers has remained elusive for the broader market due to lack of proper design tools and high cost of embedding components on inner layers (...) This paper will highlight several key industrialization aspects addressed in the frame of the European funded FP7 HERMES* project to build a manufacturing environment for products with embedded components. The program entered its third year and is now dealing with the manufacturing of functional demonstrators as an introduction to industrialization.

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

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