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Conveyors and bar code

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 20:32:40 EDT 2006 | davef

Fixed position (mounted) [In-line] laser bar code scanners: * microscan 800.762.1149 info@microscan.com [Ken SMTnet] * symbol technologies symbol.com [Russ SMTnet] * Keyence and RVSI inline scanners [B Norman SMTnet] * Datalogic TC1100 bartec-systems

Conveyors and bar code

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 18 11:01:52 EDT 2006 | Frank R.

Hi, We have two complete SMT line and in this department we use conveyors for board manipulation. Concerning the wave area we are not full efficiency and I have to look for conveyors and bar code reader to make board manipulation an automatic proces

Conveyors and bar code

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 16:34:31 EDT 2006 | Frank R.

Hi, Usually I always have answer to my questions on this web site. I don't know if my question is too hard to answer but I realy need your help. Thanks,

Conveyors and bar code

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 14:09:14 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Wow, I didn't realise we sucked so bad... I never replied because I've never worked with a scanner/conveyor process for wave. I think I got confused searching the archives for Brit spelling humor!

Conveyors and bar code

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 16:00:52 EDT 2006 | slthomas

-or- * Spent all their "free" time looking on National's site for llp manufacturing guidelines and didn't have time to respond, only to find they'd been pwnd by the SMT nexialist extraordinaire. :(

Conveyors and bar code

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 25 08:12:16 EDT 2006 | davef

Leading conveyor manufacturers are ATI, Conveyor Technology, Crown Simplimatic, Dynapace, Flextek, Fuji, Jot, Kanetic, Panasonic, and Process Control.

Conveyors and bar code

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 14:59:32 EDT 2006 | bill

I�ve been lurking on the forum for a while so I will take a stab at this, mainly because there is no answer I take it that you have a variety of boards being produced at the same time and are in fixtures so the conveyors don�t need to be adjusted, a

Conveyors and bar code

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 16:08:18 EDT 2006 | Frank R.

Thanks Bill and Dave for your help, Sorry Dave if I didn't search for information in archives. After wave process we have 2 ICT, 2 AOI machines 4 PVA conformal coating machine that will be use on 3 different lines. The quind of automation I want to

Component License Plating - Traceability

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 16:28:12 EST 2019 | SMTA-Jeff

We are beginning our traceability process and require suppliers to provide one QR bar code for creation of the license plate. Does your company have a standard that is followed? Does it come at additional cost? Any information/guidance you can shar

AOI, Quality and SPC

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 03 13:18:02 EST 2003 | msivigny

Hello phil, The use of AOI systems give us the opportunity to auto-collect defect information much the way you're using them now. AOI systems become extremely effective when the collected data is used to perform some positive change into the process.

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