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Photoelectric Encoder on CNC Machines Troubleshooting and Solutions

Technical Library | 2021-12-03 01:22:50.0

CNC machines is the abbreviation of "Computer Numerical Control" machines. It is an automatic machine tool with program control system. The control system can logically process the programs with control codes or other symbolic instructions, decode them and express them with coded numbers. Next, the coded numbers will be input into the numerical control device through the information carrier. After calculation and processing, the numerical control device sends out various control signals to control the action of the machine tool. CNC machine can automatically produce parts or other products according to the shape and size specified by the drawings.

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Basics of Encoder and Orthogonal Coding

Technical Library | 2021-12-07 00:57:40.0

Encoder is a kind of electromechanical equipment, which can be used to measure the movement of machinery or the target position of machinery. Most encoders use optical sensors to provide electrical signals in the form of pulse sequences, which can be converted into motion, direction or position information in turn.

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