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SMT reels using paper for caps and have problems with feeder jam

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 25 14:20:52 EDT 2005 | james

Does anyone else encounter problems using feeders to handle caps that are reeled up with paper tape. We are having alot of problems with vendors that are now using the thicker type (like cardboard) to use to reel up caps. Our feeders either run too

Advice on used pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 09 13:36:30 EDT 2006 | ppminc

Phil, The QSA-30 was built by Sam Sung, Sold by Quad. Single Head 2 Nozzles around 11K CPH Quad does not support the machine but I believe you can get parts direct from Sam Sung. I am not sure if they have a registration fee. The QSA used Quad made

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Quad IQ 8 pin Feeders 8,12,16,24,32 and 44mm

Quad IQ 8 pin Feeders 8,12,16,24,32 and 44mm

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm IQ ( Intelligent ) Surface Mount Tape Feeders and tape feeder reel arms for QUAD Q series and C series pick and place machines. These are the newer 8 pin, deep pocket, feeders and they will work on the newer intellig

Mixed Logic

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Poll Finds Solder Finish, BGA Components and Reflow Soldering Most Challenging for Industry Engineers

Industry News | 2012-01-22 23:16:58.0

More than 350 engineers who attended last week’s IPC webinar, Soldering and Assembly Defects, were polled on their biggest headaches with printed boards, PCB components and PCB assembly process failures. The survey results which identify solder finish, ball grid array (BGA) components and reflow soldering as the greatest challenges, provide webinar co-sponsor, National Physical Laboratory (NPL) of the United Kingdom with useful information as it prepares its NPL Process Defect Clinic for IPC APEX EXPO® 2012.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

IPC Conference on Quality, Reliability and Acceptability for Electronics Manufacturing in Budapest Offers Critical Information

Industry News | 2010-12-03 21:35:04.0

Eastern Europe's growing electronics assembly industry faces new challenges, especially with the adoption of lead-free technology. To connect manufacturers with solutions to these challenges, IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries® is holding the IPC Conference on Quality, Reliability and Acceptability for Electronics Manufacturing in Budapest, Hungary, on 22–24 February 2011.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

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Stencil Rolls - MPM - PCBASupplies

| https://pcbasupplies.com/mpm/

(surface mount technology) screen printing lines to keep stencil apertures clear of paste residue during the automatic screen printing process Prevents smearing, bridging, solder balls, and other problems... MSRP: Now

PCB Libraries Forum : How Do I Update FPX Library Format?

PCB Libraries, Inc. | https://www.pcblibraries.com/forum/RSS_how-do-i-update-fpx-library-format_topic1791.xml

. I think this time the problems are may be related to a change in the library structure, since I have the same problems with an LE-library, created by us. I used LE V2015.18 and also

PCB Libraries, Inc.

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Benchtop Fluid Dispenser
High Precision SMT Fluid Dispensers

Stencil Printing 101 Training Course
Selective soldering solutions with Jade soldering machine

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