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ML-Z588 Automatic optical detection equipment Z axis lift(off   line)

ML-Z588 Automatic optical detection equipment Z axis lift(off line)

New Equipment | Inspection

ML-Z588 Automatic optical detection equipment Z axis lift(off   line) CATEGORY ITEM SPECIFICATION RECOGNITION SYSTEM INSPECTION Using multip

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

IV-100 PCB Inverter

IV-100 PCB Inverter

New Equipment | Board Handling - Conveyors

This inverter reverses a PCB by 180° allowing the operator to work on either side of the PCB. Features: Smooth reverse rotation by means of an air cylinder Increases PCB flow efficiency by integrating the buffer conveyor Includes safet

Hanwha Techwin CO., LTD.

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quad align init problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 23 09:13:04 EDT 2010 | kdaglio

for the last couple of days when i power up our quad iv, i get assembler is off errors. i cannot get the machine and the quad align to start. any help is gratly appreciated.

Universal conveyor

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 07:42:53 EDT 2012 | leemeyer

I just purchased a used Universal Instruments Boardflo conveyor model 5363. It looked like it would be perfect to connect 2 of my Quad 4c machines in line. it came with a SMPI to Smema converter box. I connected the box S1PL and S2PL to what I beleiv

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IPTE MLU IV_1.3 Magazine Unloader

IPTE MLU IV_1.3 Magazine Unloader

Used SMT Equipment | Conveyors

This equipment has been barely used and is in "Like New" condition.

Baja Bid

Cyberoptics QX500-L

Cyberoptics QX500-L

Used SMT Equipment | AOI / Automated Optical Inspection

Make: CYBEROPTICS Model: QX500-L Vintage: 2012 and 2011 Details: • SPC Software • Offline defect rework station • Cross-mount board detection kit • Barcode readers (1D/2D) • Sensor alignment target • Dual monitor kit • 12" Conveyor extensio

Lewis & Clark

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MIRTEC Corp. to Highlight the MV-7L In-Line AOI System at SMTA International 2008

Industry News | 2008-08-11 23:45:48.0

OXFORD, CT � August 2008 � MIRTEC Corp., the AOI market leader in North America, announces that it will display the MV-7L In-Line AOI System in booth 424 at the upcoming SMTA International exhibition and conference, scheduled to take place August 19-20, 2008 in Orlando. FL.

MIRTEC Corporation

Mirtec Co, LTD to Showcase Leading AOI Solutions at NEPCON China, Shanghai

Industry News | 2008-04-08 23:29:59.0

Seoul, Korea � April 2008 � MIRTEC Co, LTD, the leading global manufacturer of AOI and AXI inspection systems announces it will showcase their complete line of inspection solutions in booth 4F10 at the upcoming NEPCON China/EMT China 2008 exhibition and conference, scheduled to take place April 8-11, 2008 in Shanghai, PR China.

MIRTEC Corporation

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SAMSUNG FLAT CONVEYOR BELT J1301665 TO SMT MACHINE CP40 CP45 Part Number Machine J1301665 CP40,CP45 Supply new and used samsung spare parts for smt machine. CP30 servo amplifier(PU0A015EN21P00) CP60-driver SAMSUNG CP DRIVER SAMSUNG C

KingFei SMT Tech

Samsung Backup Pin J7500003B For CP45FV NEO/SM421/411/321 Machine PCB Suport Pin

Samsung Backup Pin J7500003B For CP45FV NEO/SM421/411/321 Machine PCB Suport Pin

Parts & Supplies | Assembly Accessories

Detailed Product Description Part Name: Backup Pin Part Number: J7500003B Color: Black Material: Plastic Nature: Magnetic Usage: Samsung CP45NEO CP45FV SM421 Machine Backup Pin J7500003B For CP45FV NEO/SM421/411/321 Machine PCB Suport Pin Des

KingFei SMT Tech

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Higher Defluxing Temperature and Low Standoff Component Cleaning - A Connection?

Technical Library | 2020-11-04 17:49:45.0

OEMs and CMs designing and building electronic assemblies for high reliability applications are typically faced with a decision to clean or not to clean the assembly. If ionic residues remain on the substrate surface, potential failure mechanisms, including dendritic growth by electrochemical migration reaction and leakage current, may result. These failures have been well documented. If a decision to clean substrates is made, there are numerous cleaning process options available. For defluxing applications, the most common systems are spray-in-air, employing either batch or inline cleaning equipment and an engineered aqueous based cleaning agent. Regardless of the type of cleaning process adopted, effective cleaning of post solder residue requires chemical, thermal and mechanical energies. The chemical energy is derived from the engineered cleaning agent; the thermal energy from the increased temperature of the cleaning agent, and the mechanical energy from the pump system employed within the cleaning equipment. The pump system, which includes spray pressure, spray bar configuration and nozzle selection, is optimized for the specific process to create an efficient cleaning system. As board density has increased and component standoff heights have decreased, cleaning processes are steadily challenged. Over time, cleaning agent formulations have advanced to match new solder paste developments, spray system configurations have improved, and wash temperatures (thermal energy) have been limited to a maximum of 160ºF. In most cases, this is due to thermal limitations of the materials used to build the polymer-based cleaning equipment. Building equipment out of stainless steel is an option, but one that may be cost prohibitive. Given the maximum allowable wash temperature, difficult cleaning applications are met by increasing the wash exposure time; including reducing the conveyor speed of inline cleaners or extending wash time in batch cleaners. Although this yields effective cleaning results, process productivity may be compromised. However, high temperature resistant polymer materials, capable of withstanding a 180°F wash temperature, are now available and can be used in cleaning equipment builds. For this study, the authors explored the potential for increasing cleaning process efficiency as a result of an increase in thermal energy due to the use of higher wash temperature. The cleaning equipment selected was an inline cleaner built with high temperature resistant polymer material. For the analysis, standard substrates were used. These were populated with numerous low standoff chip cap components and soldered with both no-clean tin-lead and lead-free solder pastes. Two aqueous based cleaning agents were selected, and multiple wash temperatures and wash exposure times were evaluated. Cleanliness assessments were made through visual analysis of under-component inspection, as well as localized extraction and Ion Chromatography in accordance with current IPC standards.

ZESTRON Americas

Dispensing EMI Shielding Materials: An Alternative to Sputtering

Technical Library | 2020-02-26 23:24:02.0

Shielding electronic systems against electromagnetic interference (EMI) has become a hot topic. Technological advancements toward 5G standards, wireless charging of mobile electronics, in-package antenna integration, and system-inpackage (SiP) adoption are driving the need to apply more effective EMI shielding and isolation to component packages and larger modules. For conformal shielding, EMI shielding materials for exterior package surfaces have mostly been applied with a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process of sputtering, leveraging front-end packaging technologies to back-end packaging applications. However, sputtering technology challenges in scalability and cost along with advancements in dispensable materials are driving considerations for alternative dispensing techniques for EMI shielding.


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MIRTEC MV-7 In-Line AOI Series Movie

MIRTEC MV-7 In-Line AOI Series Movie


MIRTEC MV-7 Series In-Line Automated Optical Inspection Machine - AOI MIRTEC USA, MIRTEC, MIRTEC Corp

MIRTEC Corporation

MIRTEC MV-9 Series

MIRTEC MV-9 Series


New Produced Introduction Video of MV-9 Series in 2012

MIRTEC Corporation

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IPC master instructor and Pruduction Engineer

Career Center | Delton, Michigan USA | Engineering,Maintenance,Production,Technical Support

IPC Master instructor with a number of years experience in Engineering as well as Machine technician.

Applications Engineer

Career Center | , | Engineering,Sales/Marketing,Technical Support

Applications Engineer with over 20 years of combined Manufacturing/Field Service/Applications Engineering experience in the SMT industry.

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SMTnet Express - October 10, 2019

SMTnet Express, October 10, 2019, Subscribers: 32,263, Companies: 10,893, Users: 25,93 Fill the Void IV: Elimination of Inter-Via Voiding Credits: FCT ASSEMBLY, INC. Voids are a plague to our electronics and must be eliminated! Over the last few

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Mori Seiki


& Turning Center, X-15.5", Y-+/-4.1", Z-18.1"+ 6.1", 12,000 RPM B-Axis Mill Spindle, 6000 RPM Left & Right Spindles, (2) 6" Chucks, 40 ATC, Renishaw Touch Off , EPB Type Tooling, Parts Catcher, Coolant System, Chip Conveyor, Mori-Seiki MSX-711 IV CNC Control, Hours

Conveyors - Inline - PCBASupplies


& Mydata Panasonic Quad - PPM RT10 Rubber Tips Speedline Technologies Camalot Universal Instruments Yamaha IPulse SMT Custom Nozzles Cree LED Lumileds LEDs Nichia LEDs OSRAM LEDs Other Custom Nozzles Other LEDs Selective Solder Nozzles Ace Production Technologies Pillarhouse ID Threaded Nozzles OD Threaded Nozzles RPS

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