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Quad IV C

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 03 09:45:27 EST 2011 | vinceprice

Quad IV C problem. Our machine is not placing parts. We can test each component one by one and the machine picks and places the parts correctly. When we run the machine for production it does not pick up the parts. Any ideas?

Quad IV-c autoprogram

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 05 07:22:28 EDT 2018 | dfl

Hi, I just got a Quad IV-c and I'm learning to use it, I got manuals and it is up and running on DOS with windows 3.1 but I noticed that it the Autoprogram is missing, Does anybody has a copy that can share. Regards

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Quad  IV C

Quad IV C

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Quad IV C There are 2 units in the inline configuration. one with a matrix tray feeder. together these units hold up to 136 feeders and a synchronized to run in line. The Quad IV C is a reliable and proven platform with inexpensive feeders available.

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Quad IV-C

Quad IV-C

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Quad IV-C pick and place:computer & software, 2 monitors downward looking camera 2 nozzle holders Power Requirement: 110 Volts Shipping Weight: 1300 lbs. Dims: 48"L x 48"W x 69"H Manual Included In Good Condition

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