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honeywell	900R12R-0101	Processor Interface Adaptor

honeywell 900R12R-0101 Processor Interface Adaptor

New Equipment | Industrial Automation

Honeywell International Honeywell International , headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, is an American multinational company mainly engaged in the production of consumer electronics, engineering technology services and aerospace systems.Fortune 1

Cambia Automation Limited

Bently nevada	9200-02-50-12-04		transducer

Bently nevada 9200-02-50-12-04 transducer

New Equipment | Industrial Automation

Product display Product highlights Brand new and original in box--2-3 days against the payment --1 Year Warranty-- Full Tested -- Worldwide Shipping -- Good  Service.. Emergency Shipping How to Contact us?  Email: Wech

Cambia Automation Limited

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smd capacitors- ICT measuring

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 14 00:47:17 EDT 2013 | mun4o

Thanks , Reese.Yes , I check the capacitors with C-meter.When measured with C-meter , all capacitors are OK - +/-10% of the value. I can not underst?nd "Note: This is not a summation). Y5V -- -20% of nominal value, -part tolerance, -machine toleranc

Acrylic Coating De-Wetting?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 26 11:56:40 EDT 2017 | rgduval

Ah...the joys of subjective analysis! At a glance, these pictures look fine to me. Other than the IC's, which you've indicated were masked, and, maybe R12 in the last picture and CC1384 in the first image, coating looks uniform and well distributed

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Fujikura FSM-30R12

Fujikura FSM-30R12

Used SMT Equipment | In-Circuit Testers

60 dB Fiber cleave length: 10 mm each Fiber observing direction: X and Y (2 axes) Fiber viewing method: 5" TFT color LCD monitor with anti-reflection coating Splice loss estimating function: SM, MM and DS fibers Number of splice modes: 30 progra

Test Equipment Connection

Fujikura FSM-50R

Fujikura FSM-50R

Used SMT Equipment | In-Circuit Testers

Fujikura FSM-50R MASS FIBER FUSION SPLICER (Model : FSM50R) Key Features: Suitable for Ribbon Fiber Splicing FSM-50R12 : Splicing up to 12-Fiber Ribbon FSM-50R8 : Splicing up to 8-Fiber Ribbon Cladding Alignment with fixed v-grooves Dual-d

Test Equipment Connection

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Is It Necessary to Replace Your Refrigerator Compressor?

Industry News | 2021-08-30 21:27:44.0

The compressor is like the heart of humans, which plays a vital role in the refrigerator. A compressor is key to improve the performance of your refrigerator. During the refrigeration cycle, it allows the refrigerant to flow through the refrigerator coils. Do you know its working principle?

OKmarts Industrial Parts Mall

GiveMePower Extends Lead In Mobile CAD With New PowerCAD� CE Release

Industry News | 2003-01-21 19:09:33.0

PowerCAD CE 5.2 Delivers Unprecedented CAD Functionality For Mobile Design Professionals Using Latest Generation Of Handheld Pocket PC�s, Tablet PC�s and Pocket PC Cell Phones

GiveMePower Corp.

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Yamaha 12MM yamaha feeder part KHJ-MC244-00 LEVER,TAPE GUIDE R

Yamaha 12MM yamaha feeder part KHJ-MC244-00 LEVER,TAPE GUIDE R

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

12MM yamaha feeder part KHJ-MC244-00 LEVER,TAPE GUIDE R YAMAHA 8 MM KHJ-MC147-02                     SPRING,TAPE GUIDE F KHJ-MC445-00                    LEVER,TAPE GUIDE F 12MM KHJ-MC145-01                     LEVER,TAPE GUIDE F KHJ-MC2

KingFei SMT Tech

Universal Instruments AI parts 42883303

Universal Instruments AI parts 42883303

Parts & Supplies | Other Equipment

Universal AI parts 42883303 1 43366107 FORMER,LEFT STD 2 43366207 FORMER,RIGHT STANDARD 3 45592408 FORMER, RIGHT STD N 4 45592508 FORMER, LEFT STD N 5 46805406 FORMER, STD LEFT 6 46806406 FORMER, STD RIGHT 7 46805401 FORMER, OUT L5V12 CBD 8

KingFei SMT Tech

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Tin Whisker Risk Mitigation for High-Reliability Systems Integrators and Designers

Technical Library | 2015-06-04 19:10:47.0

Integrators and designers of high-reliability systems exert little or no control over component-level plating processes that affect the propensity for tin whiskering. Challenges of how to assure long-term reliability, while continuing to use COTS parts plated with pure tin, continue to arise. An integrated, quantitative, standardized methodology is proposed whereby mitigation levels can be selected that are appropriate for specific applications of pure tin for given end-uses. A system of hardware end-use classification is proposed, together with recommended appropriate risk mitigation approaches. An updated version of the application-specific risk assessment algorithm is presented together with recommended thresholds for acceptability within the context of the hardware classifications.


Recommendations for Installing Flash LEDs on Flex Circuits

Technical Library | 2009-12-09 19:47:15.0

For the mobile market some PCB assemblies have been converted to flex circuit assemblies, in part because flex circuit assembly can be twisted or bent per the application needs. Flex circuits offer the same advantages as conventional printed circuit boards: quality, reliability, and high density.

Avago Technologies

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1st Place Machinery Inc. |

: 51 x 31 x 30 Temperature: -30 to +175 Watlow 942 Process Controller Side Testing Port Dual Compressors Refrigerant R12 and R503 Power

1st Place Machinery Inc.

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pcb cleaning

Software programs for SMT placement and AOI Inspection machines from CAD or Gerber.

Inspection mirrors for electronic rework and repair.
SMT fluid dispenser