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5069-FPD Compact I/O Field Potential Distributor Module

5069-FPD Compact I/O Field Potential Distributor Module

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, 24v @ 5a 73-495-4014 73-495-4014 PWRSUP, 5V @ 50A 73-495-4018 73-495-4018 PWRSUP, Astec 6v @ 42a, 15v @ 10a, 15v @ 10a 73-495-4021 73-495-4021 PWRSUP, Astec   5.12v @25a 12.10v @5a 12.10 v @5a 73-495-4036 73-495-4036 PWRSUP, Astec Module, 18v /14a, 12v


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Non-heated dispensing system

Outstanding liquid dispensing and UV curing, all within one platform, watch the video.

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High Resolution Fast Speed Industrial Cameras.
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