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New Reflow Oven?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 31 10:22:57 EDT 2011 | swag

We are going to buy a new reflow oven. I'm currently comparing Rehm VXS3150 and Heller 1809 Mark III. Both should meet our needs as far as zones. Does anyone have experience to share for either? Good service from these companies?

Reflow Oven Brand

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 05 06:00:59 EST 2017 | jlawson

I would look at Rehm Thermal Systems, they are the leaders in Reflow and offer systems at same pricing points as XPM and Heller now with VXC series ( uses same tech as there top end VXS/VXP range...

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Rehm VXP+ nitro 4900

Rehm VXP+ nitro 4900

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

More information: https://bajabid.com/product/2016-rehm-vxp-reflow-oven/ This machine is avalable for immediate purchase. Please contact us with any interest.

Baja Bid

Rehm Rehm V8 nitro 3.2

Rehm Rehm V8 nitro 3.2

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Rehm V8 nitro 3.2 Reflow oven come from production the oven is in working condition

Salescon Ltd.

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Rehm Rehm V8 3.2 Nitro

Rehm Rehm V8 3.2 Nitro

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Manufacturer: Rehm Typer: V8 Nitro 3.8 Vintage: 2002 Serial number: 1009 Condition and equipment We have this unit as backup machine, haven't used for a while. 7 zones (5 pre-heat, 2 peak + cooling zone) Transport rail refurbish


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Rehm VXS Nitro 3150  Reflow Oven

Rehm VXS Nitro 3150 Reflow Oven


Rehm reflow oven VXS Nitro 3150 11/2011  - this oven is BRAND new and has never been used in production 9 forced convection zones top and bottom 152" heated tunnel length  pin chain coneyor motorized center board support  flux managemen

Cardinal Circuit

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| https://www.thebranfordgroup.com/dnn3/Employees/OnlineAuctionAdmin/DZSGmbH/tabid/1873/AuctionID/1603/Default.aspx?page=3

: ASYS TRM-02 Inspection Conveyor, S/N 029361 (2008), w/ Overhead Lights, 2m Length Category: 108 Rehm VX nitro 3500 (Typ 734) Reflow Oven, S/N 2417 (2009

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