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SmtXtra offers huge cost savings on a massive range of original and replacement SMT Nozzles and replacement SMT Nozzles

Industry News | 2017-05-03 14:44:35.0

SmtXtra offers cost savings on a massive range of original and replacement SMT Nozzles. The company ships worldwide within three working days of receiving the order and guarantees customer satisfaction with all products.


Texas Instruments Starts 2001 With Product Awards and Internet Audio Design-Wins

Industry News | 2001-03-28 09:02:29.0

As the first quarter of 2001 comes to a close, the Internet Audio organization at Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) adds three industry accolades for its DSP technology from the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI), MicroDesign Resources and EDN Magazine, as well as four new design-wins from consumer electronics manufacturers Sanyo, Thomson Multimedia, Digisette and Richfield Innovation Pte Ltd. (RFI). TI's award-winning DSP technology has become the overwhelming choice for Internet Audio players and can be found in products from eight of the ten largest consumer electronics manufacturers.

Texas Instruments

SmtXtra will buy or trade your surplus SMT Feeder stock – SMT feeders are stocked and supplied from all the leading brands

Industry News | 2017-05-15 16:24:31.0

SmtXtra will buy or trade your surplus SMT feeders. SmtXtra strives to offer the best deals for new and used SMT feeders. With a large feeder inventory stocked in Europe and Asia they are able to offer fast quotations, delivery and easy payment methods.



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