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Henkel CSP and BGA Underfills

Henkel CSP and BGA Underfills

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Henkel offers innovative capillary flow underfill encapsulants for flip-chip, CSP and BGA devices. These are highly flowable, high purity, onecomponent encapsulants. They form a uniform and void-free underfill layer to improve reliability performance

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Panasonic CM202 used smt PCB pick and place machine

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=1.0 ±50/Chip Cpk>=1.0 ±35/QFP Cpk>=1.0 ±50/Chip Cpk >=1.0 ±35/QFP Cpk >=1.0 Productive Highest Tact (CPH/sec) 25,000/0.144 19,000/0.189 7,200/0.5

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