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Re: screen printer and stencil printer

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 21:10:23 EDT 1999 | se

| | | Hi, | | | I'd like to ask some tips about the merits and shortcomings o | | | of both screen printer and stencil printer. For small quantity and highly mixed usage, which type of printer is suitable to our | | | application? | | | The board

Differences between screen and stencil printing

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 15:00:20 EST 2004 | glaucon

Simple differences. Both processes require a very similar machine platform, controlled motion, vision fiducial recognition and alignment of a substrate (PCB or hybrid ceramic) to the "image", the image being either a stencil (hence stencil printing)

PB and PB Free on same screen printer

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 12 14:53:40 EDT 2007 | chef

The only sophisticated customer I have is 100% ROHS and actually spec.s material and properties for the fab.'s. The rest have mostly just called in and requested we process ROHS without having to change the drawings or provide a spec. nary a complain

PB and PB Free on same screen printer

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 16:07:03 EDT 2007 | jdengler

Everything for a lead free job is labeled with green lead free labels. This includes all processing documentation. When the kit is issued to production the production supervisor and SMT lead operator are reminded that the job is lead free. When th

Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Fri May 15 21:39:48 EDT 2015 | jlawson

Reflow.. 1.Rehm (Germany) - Best in Class Best overall process stability heating system ( Alot of makers have started to copy there VX heating arrangement ). COnveyor chains can be a bit more attention in terms of maintenance on rehm , but if foll

board stretch and IPC -D-300G

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 16:14:47 EST 2001 | davef

Yes!!! How can we assemble boards with 20 pitch when we allow 0.008� error to the master art? Excellent question!!! IPC-D-300G has nothing to do with assembler requirements. It is written by and for fabricators, so that they can be comfortable.

SPI and AOI Machine Feaures.

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 10 05:23:17 EST 2021 | karl_willoughby

Hello. I am sourcing machines for an SMT line (for the first time) and would like to understand features of current and earlier model SPI and AOI machines. In the intended application, a high volume of PCAs aren't required to be processed but there

environment Operational deg-C and RH% for Paste Printer

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 07 13:57:36 EDT 2002 | Hussman69

Nope, too loose, allowing blood flow because he actually asked a logical question. Most times they ask me a question like "How does the heat generated from your screen printer affect the process of your wave solder?". I would generally answer it do

Re: Adhesive Dispenser Vs. Screen Printing Adhesives Pros and Cons

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 03 20:35:23 EDT 2000 | Dave F

1. Throughput * Dispenser: Slower, may loose 70% of tact on fast chip shooters * Printer: Can be put in front of and use fast chip shooters effectively 2. Rework Rate ???? Deposition control???? * Dispenser - High control over amount paste - Coplan

environment Operational deg-C and RH% for Paste Printer

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 06 09:45:14 EDT 2002 | Hussman69

We based ours on the type of paste we use (stencil life) and not so much the machine. Then we coupled that to what 'true' conditions we normally see in our plant, and determined that under these conditions Max & min) our printing process should be g

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