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Utilise Gold

Utilise Gold

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Utilise Gold contains an international business directory of suppliers of precious metal materials used in the electronics industry, including contacts, plating salts, pastes, solders, bonding wires and evaporation materials.

Hongkong Delta Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

Hongkong Delta Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

Industry Directory | Manufacturer of Bare PCBs / Contract Manufacturer

Professional, Reliable,High Quality,Low Cost, Rapid Delivery PCB manufacturer

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Jetting Pump - NCM5000

Jetting Pump - NCM5000

New Equipment | Dispensing

Jetting Simplified Jetting pumps are excellent for dispensing small volumes of fluid at high rates of speed. The NCM5000 simplifies jetting to its basic elements - this means easy set up, cleaning, and maintenance for you. The drive system is design

GPD Global

Small Part Tips

Small Part Tips

New Equipment | Hand Assembly

Virtual Industries offerings of small parts tips allows a person to easily handle parts as small as 100 microns (0.004"). There are nine different tip sizes for handling a variety of part sizes.  Small die can be picked up from the side, top or other

Virtual Industries, Inc.

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soldering to thick gold plating

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 11:26:12 EDT 2006 | flipit

Hi, I believe you have classic gold imbrittlement here. With 80 microinches of gold you are way over the limit. You can try to reflow longer time and at a higher temperature. The gold does not melt into the solder joint. The gold dissolves into

Poor reflow over gold plating

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 16:25:51 EDT 2005 | mattkehoe

When discussing this with the customer he said that his vendor recommended a hard gold plating finish on the board due to the BGA. I said "hard gold"??? And he said yes, hard gold. Turns out the boards were plated with hard gold, not ENIG. Thank

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DEK automatic solder paste printing machine

DEK automatic solder paste printing machine

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

DEK 03IX automatic solder paste printing machine features advanced up/down k-view vision system, independent control and adjustment of lighting, high-speed moving lens, accurate alignment of PCB PCB and net board. The DEK Horizon 03IX automatic solde

KingFei SMT Tech

Omron VT-RNS2-L

Omron VT-RNS2-L

Used SMT Equipment | AOI / Automated Optical Inspection

OMRON AOI VT-RNS2-L Omron AoiVT-RNSⅡ parameters Hardware part LSIZE Image signal input part Camera 3CCD camera Lighting series Ring LED (R.G.B) Image resolution 10, 15, 20um Mechanism part Transmission method Belt transmission method Producti

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Naveen Ravindran, ZESTRON Americas, to Present at SMTAI

Industry News | 2017-09-07 17:45:03.0

ZESTRON is pleased to announce that Naveen Ravindran, M.S.Ch.E, Application Engineer will present “PCB Surface Finishes and the Cleaning Process - A Compatibility Study” at SMTA International 2017, in Rosemont, IL.

ZESTRON Americas

Virtual Industries Debuts VSPT Series of Small Parts Tips

Industry News | 2008-07-30 23:24:03.0

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO � July 29, 2008 � Virtual Industries Inc., a leading supplier of manual vacuum handling solutions, introduces the VSPT0803 small part tip.

Virtual Industries, Inc.

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Universal Instruments Fusion / Genesis / Advantis Gold Feeders

Universal Instruments Fusion / Genesis / Advantis Gold Feeders

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

Gold feeders will work on any GSM, Advantis, Genesis, or Fusion with a PrecisionPro feeder interface (42V, 7 pins). 8mm feeders are available in both single and double reel.  Double feeders can supply two different part numbers, thus potentially doub

Capital Equipment Exchange

Yamaha Assembleon 56W Air Valve 9965 000 03807 Valve Up - Down Select KV8-M7162-10X A040-4E1-56W

Yamaha Assembleon 56W Air Valve 9965 000 03807 Valve Up - Down Select KV8-M7162-10X A040-4E1-56W

Parts & Supplies | General Purpose Equipment

37. 5322 466 12047 peel-off plate 16mm PLATE STEEL 5322 360 40471 BDA-16x25,KONGANE1 CYLINDER PISTON 5322 132 00032 /Nozzle Station Fibre 5322 130 10062 /Nozzle Station Fibre 5322 130 10069 /SENSOR Conveyor in/out 1-3 5322 380 10285 /Multi-came

KingFei SMT Tech

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Considerations in Dispensing Conformal Coatings

Technical Library | 1999-08-27 09:27:10.0

Conformal coating is a material that is applied to electronic products or assemblies to protect them from solvents, moisture, dust or other contaminants that may cause harm. Coating also prevents dendrite growth, which may result in product failure. This paper will discuss the variables that affect the application of conformal coatings, and review in detail those variables that impact the process of selective coating of printed circuit boards.


Dispensing EMI Shielding Materials: An Alternative to Sputtering

Technical Library | 2020-02-26 23:24:02.0

Shielding electronic systems against electromagnetic interference (EMI) has become a hot topic. Technological advancements toward 5G standards, wireless charging of mobile electronics, in-package antenna integration, and system-inpackage (SiP) adoption are driving the need to apply more effective EMI shielding and isolation to component packages and larger modules. For conformal shielding, EMI shielding materials for exterior package surfaces have mostly been applied with a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process of sputtering, leveraging front-end packaging technologies to back-end packaging applications. However, sputtering technology challenges in scalability and cost along with advancements in dispensable materials are driving considerations for alternative dispensing techniques for EMI shielding.


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Jetting Pump (NCM5000) dispenses glue

Jetting Pump (NCM5000) dispenses glue

Videos This high speed Simplified Jetting Pump consists only two wetted parts, very easy to setup and clean. Efficient. NCM5000 Jetting pump dispenses surface mount glue / adhesive with excellent result. Watch this video. More In

GPD Global

Example of how to import CAD data and BOM files, and export to an assembly machine program set up file.

Example of how to import CAD data and BOM files, and export to an assembly machine program set up file.

Videos - The ProntoPLACE module from Unisoft is used by electronics manufacturers to generate the necessary programs for automatic PCB assembly machines in minutes. ProntoPLACE programs most popular surface mount (SMT) place

UNISOFT Corporation

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IPC-6012 Specialist (CIS) Certification Training Course

Training Courses | | | IPC-6012 Specialist (CIS)

The Certified IPC-6012 Specialist (CIS) training covers design, fabrication and inspection of rigid printed boards.

Blackfox Training Institute, LLC

5-Day Hand Soldering, Rework & Repair Certification Training

Training Courses | | | PCB Rework and Hand Soldering Courses

The PCB rework and hand soldering courses courses cover techniques of rework and repair of PCBs, BGAs and other electronics assemblies, and teach fundamentals of soldering of electronics assemblies.

Precision PCB Services, Inc

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Webinar: BGA and Area Array Process Defects - Causes & Cures

Events Calendar | Tue Feb 12 00:00:00 EST 2019 - Tue Feb 12 00:00:00 EST 2019 | ,

Webinar: BGA and Area Array Process Defects - Causes & Cures

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

Measuring Solderability Webinar

Events Calendar | Thu Jun 23 23:30:00 EDT 2016 - Thu Jun 23 12:30:00 EDT 2016 | Rolling Meadows, USA

Measuring Solderability Webinar


Career Center - Resumes: selective gold plating (9)

Jerry McBeth Resume

Career Center | Alta Loma, California | Engineering,Quality Control,Research and Development

Rigid and Flexible Printed Circuits Plating and Metal Finishing Operations Six Sigma Work Instruction Documentation Process Development Equipment Selection and Specification New Facility Startup Air, Water and Hazardous Waste Environmental Reporting

3+ years of experience in the PCB CAM engineering

Career Center | Erode, Tamilnadu India | Engineering

Professional Summary 3+ years of experience in the PCB CAM engineering Exposure to FRONTLINE GENESIS 2000 Having exposure in UCAM Exposure to Create, Array & Panelize it for manufacturability Experienced in Creating impedance cou

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SMTnet Express - August 7, 2014

SMTnet Express, August 7, 2014, Subscribers: 23058, Members: Companies: 13975, Users: 36604 Gold Embrittlement In Lead-Free Solder. Craig Hillman, Nathan Blattau, Joelle Arnold, Thomas Johnston, Stephanie Gulbrandsen; DfR Solutions , Julie Silk

SMTnet Express - September 7, 2017

SMTnet Express, September 7, 2017, Subscribers: 30,782, Members: Companies: 10,712, Users: 23,761 Challenges on ENEPIG Finished PCBs: Gold Ball Bonding and Pad Metal Lift Young K. Song and Vanja Bukva; Teledyne DALSA As a surface finish for PCBs

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Selective Soldering Workshops

Nordson ASYMTEK |

construction including copper layers, barrel plating and porosity. The interaction between the PCB and the selective soldering process and heat flow characteristics within thermally challenging multi-layer boards will be defined


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