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Pneumatic lead cutters

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 14:46:58 EST 2008 | hutch770

Greetings all, I'm pretty new to the SMT world, having been a class 10 fab monkey in my previous life. What I'm looking for is recommendations for pneumatic lead cutters. I need them to flush-cut as close as possible to the via without destroying

Vibration Feeders

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 27 21:44:12 EDT 2014 | isd_jwendell

A rejected part from a reel is a little bit of a pain to use, where a rejected part from a tube is easy. That doesn't mean that I like tubes though. I have also found that some parts cost more when delivered on tape. First check that your machine is

Vibrating Sieve, Shakers, Filteration

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 15 03:43:54 EDT 2021 | rubyqi1027

Mirant was founded in 2004. With almost 17 years of experience in the industry we designs, develops, manufactures, markets and sells material handling equipment including sieving, mixing, crushing and transporting for a variety of industries around t

Re: Vibration Tester

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 07 21:51:59 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| Hi all. | | I am looking for a "viberation testing machine" for the assembled PCB . Any advise / thoughts from anybody?? | | Rgds | Upinder | ============ | Upinder: So what are you going to do with this equipment? 1 Design verification. LR

Re: Vibration Tester

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 09 00:13:33 EDT 1998 | Pete Sorenson

| 2 Product reliability testing. Certainly you wouldn't shake your product to be shipped to customers, but running reliabilty tests, including shake and burn-in testing, are a good way to maintain the relaility of your product. We modified paint s

How to identify any Vibration Source in Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 20 20:24:40 EST 2021 | sync40

Hello Ameen, It is needed a moderate impact bump to generate skew. Even blowing of the fans generally cannot generate serious skew -unless the pads apertures are not suitable for the components size/weight. You can try for yourself. Take a board wi


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