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Solder not reflowing properly

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 15 15:34:17 EST 2008 | dyoungquist

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I got pulled off onto other projects and was not able to work on the solution to the problen until recently. The solution we have come up with is to change from no-clean flux based solder paste to water sol

Issue with MYDATA MY19 "Transducers do not agree"

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 12 14:44:56 EST 2020 | alvarez94

Thanks for responding, this is the photo of the error that appears on the screen

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SMTnet Express - June 18, 2020

SMTnet Express, June 18, 2020, Subscribers: 28,667, Companies: 11,022, Users: 25,887 COVID-19 - Managing Supply Chain Risk and Disruption Credits: Responding to the immediate challenge: While COVID-19 may be the catalyst for companies

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Nordson COVID-19 Commitment

Nordson ASYMTEK | https://www.nordson.com/en/our-company/news-room/feature-content-roll-up-page/covid-19-commitment

Us Support Suppliers Resources Careers Life has changed, but not our commitment. Today and every day, Nordson is dedicated to the safety of our employees, customers and community


Testimonials – Inovaxe – Innovative Material Handling Solutions

Inovaxe Corporation | https://inovaxe.com/testimonials/

Inovaxe’s InoAuto Smart cart units into our operation at Imperial Electronic Assembly, Inc. located in Brookfield, Connecticut. We are an EMS provider that understands in an ever-competitive environment, electronic manufacturers and assemblers must be highly efficient in responding to rapid business and technological changes

Inovaxe Corporation

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