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Valor Announces New Release of Trilogy 5000

Industry News | 2001-01-17 10:47:04.0

Valor Computerized Systems today announced powerful new functionality in release 6.0 of its Trilogy 5000 CAM software for virtual prototyping and assembly and test. This major release contains a number of significant new CAM productivity tools that strengthen Trilogy 5000's position as the best-in-class CAM system for global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies.

Valor Computerized Systems

Monitoring of the concentration of sulfuric acid and oleum by means of sonic velocity

Industry News | 2021-04-29 16:54:35.0

Automatic identification and optimal inline monitoring with LiquiSonic®

SensoTech Inc.

Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Systems Offers Immediate Delivery Policy

Industry News | 2006-10-09 13:26:08.0

Smart Sonic's Most Popular Stencil Cleaner Can Ship Immediately!

SMT Detergent Corp.

New Low-cost Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaners

Industry News | 2008-07-22 13:24:53.0

Starting at less than $8000...and it's a Smart Sonic!

Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Systems

Low Cost Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner

Industry News | 2003-03-26 14:44:37.0

The Smart Sonic Model 900 is priced under $6000!

Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Systems

ErgoSonic Automatic / Closed-loop Stencil Cleaner

Industry News | 2003-04-25 09:06:57.0

Smart Sonic introduces the first ergonomically designed front-loading ultrasonic stencil cleaner.

Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Systems

Smart Sonic Introduces New Automatic Stencil Cleaner

Industry News | 2001-05-21 13:24:29.0

Uses less chemistry, generates less wastewater and cleans solder paste, adhesives and flux residue in one system!

Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Systems

Large Capacity Stencil Cleaner

Industry News | 2002-02-04 18:10:34.0

Clean stencils used for backplane, motherboard and other large stencil printing applications

Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Systems

Manncorp Replaces MC384 With Advanced High-Flexibility Pick & Place At Same Price

Industry News | 2011-12-07 00:01:07.0

A new replacement for the widely sold MC384 pick and place has been announced by Manncorp. Aside from the many technological and mechanical breakthroughs permitting improved flexibility, accuracy and speed (5,000 cph), the new MC385V1V, according to CEO Henry Mann, “is totally compatible with its predecessor, allowing the 1,000+ MC384 owners worldwide to use existing feeders and programs in the new machine without concern.”


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