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2002 NEMI Roadmap Points to Areas of Opportunity for Industry

Industry News | 2003-04-07 10:16:38.0

Portable Products and Optoelectronic Applications Still Hold Promise for Growth


PCB Laser Marking Systems

Industry News | 2012-08-09 10:57:41.0

Control Micro Systems, Inc.’s Gen4 laser system is designed to mark and verify ECC200 Data Matrix symbology as well as other machine code formats, man-readable text and graphic images. Adjustable width through-conveyor and programmable mark locations accommodate panels of virtually any size and array configuration. The Gen4 is available with a wide variety of air-cool CO2 and solid-state lasers including the Ytterbium Fiber laser to mark almost any board substrate material and coating combination, usually without requiring a preprinted ink block.

Control Micro Systems, Inc.


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