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We are Selling Large Qty Of Brand New mobile phones laptpos plama TV with full Accessories {4gb/6gb/15gb/20gb/30gb and 60} also Mp3 Player, Mp4 Players with other Kinds of Ipods at Cheaper and affordable Prices.

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VICOR "Power Supply Module V375B48T300BG2  in Stock "

VICOR "Power Supply Module V375B48T300BG2 in Stock "

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VICOR "Power Supply Module V375B48T300BG2  in Stock " Our main products Our main product brands include semicolon, infinitely, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Hitachi, Siemens, Sanyo, ABB, PRX, IR, IP, TDK, POWER-ONE, AEG, NEC, APT, ST, TI, AD, ST, AVX, ALTERA,

Shenzhen Fuwo Technology Co.,Ltd

Thin Core Copper Clad Laminate FR4 & Prepreg

Thin Core Copper Clad Laminate FR4 & Prepreg

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170 oC) Phenolic cured (Dicy Free) system with inorganic filler High Td (decomposition temp. > 340 oC by TGA) Lead free process compatible (260 oC IR reflow 6x + 288 oC solder flow 3x, no delamination) Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ( 60 min. T

Mica-AVA (Far East) Industrial Ltd

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Latex Masking Dispense Valve

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 07 09:31:21 EDT 2015 | esoderberg

We use Humiseal T300 latex mask for over 17 years. No smell. That said we have been dispensing several ways. One is a Asymtek 718 in-line machine using a 1 gallon pressure pot and their DV7000 valve. It is an auger valve that has been highly successf

Cu% spec for lead free HASL surface finish

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 28 22:33:24 EST 2007 | davef

There is no specification for lead-free HASL. You can use any lead-free solderability protection that meets your customer requirements. Use IPC-9701 �Performance Test Methods and Qualification Requirements for Surface Mount Solder Attachments� to ass

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Torch T300

Torch T300

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

Torch, T300, 3 Zones year 2007. 

Interbras Group

Torch T300

Torch T300

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

  T300 Conveyor Hot-air Reflow Oven Conveyor Hot-air Reflow Oven has  (3) heating zones and (300mm) wide and (1200mm) long conveyor for low to medium volume production runs.  T300 utilizes PID intelligent micro-computer automatic temperature cont

Beijing Torch Co.,Ltd

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", Speed - Opererating Speed 0 to 500 fpm, PLC with Color Touch Screen Display, SN 183 Additional Information Category: 141 2020 Sentra Model SK-1635-T300, Temperature Controller, SN 175407 Sold at Molded Fiber Glass Companies on 12/15/2021 Aberdeen SD

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