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Kingtest Asset Management(HK)Co,Ltd

Kingtest Asset Management(HK)Co,Ltd

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Equipment Trade/Online Auction Agilent3070/Genrad228x/Teradyne TSLH ICT buy/sale/Lease Takaya APT9411/APT9401/ APT7400/APT8400 Flying probe tester BUY/SALE/Lease Flying probe testing center in CHINA

Texmac, Inc.

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TEXMAC provides electronics manufacturers with assembly and test equipment designed to increase productivity and improve throughput. Our line of Takaya in-circuit flying probe testers are the World's most advanced and reliable fixtureless testers.

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Unisoft ProntoTEST-FIXTURE - ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) Software

Unisoft ProntoTEST-FIXTURE - ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) Software

New Equipment | Software

ProntoTEST-FIXTURE used by electronics manufacturers will accurately setup your Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Flying Probe and design your "bed of nails" test fixturing. In minutes Unisoft ProntoTEST-FIXTURE software translates CAD and Bill of Ma

UNISOFT Corporation

ICT/ATE Test Fixture Software

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Tebo-ICT is a kind of very professional ICT and ATE fixture software. Chinese interface, designed in humanity, compatible with Win98/2000/NT/XP/7/10 system, which is easy to operate and train. It can cope with all kinds of GERBER and buried via, posi

Shenzhen Tebo Software Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Need a TOS-3 board for a TAKAYA APT-8400 flying probe!

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 23 14:32:02 EDT 2010 | babe7362000

We are currenly looking for a TOS-3 Cognex PCB for a Takaya Flying Probe APT-8400. Or a TOS-20? Please if you know anyone that sells spare parts please let me know asap. Thanks

SPEA flying probe programming and tech support

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 22 09:21:03 EST 2019 | kathylci

Yes, SPEA is what we need now. But also interested in Takaya tech support and other test fixtures.

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Takaya 8400 CJ Flying Probe

Takaya 8400 CJ Flying Probe

Used SMT Equipment | In-Circuit Testers

Takaya  Model:                                APT-8400CJ         Description:                       Flying Probe        Vintage:                             2000      Operating System:          Windows XP        Software Revision:          TOS 4

Lewis & Clark

Takaya 9401-CJ Flying Probe

Takaya 9401-CJ Flying Probe

Used SMT Equipment | In-Circuit Testers

DOM: 11/2004 Operating system/sw level: Windows XP SP3/ 5.0-1b Configuration Details: •        TOS-4 (PCI-TYPE) V2.3.2 •        IC opens Condition: Complete and Operational. Available for inspection prior to shipment. Location/Shipping: USA/EXW

Lewis & Clark

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Sypris Electronics Selling Excess Electronics Manufacturing Assets

Industry News | 2016-10-10 10:59:34.0

Sypris Electronics will be liquidating some of their assets utilizing the online auction services of Baja Bid. The bidding for this event will open promptly at 7:00am EDT on october 24, 2015 and the closing will begin at 11:00am EDT on November 11, 2016.

Baja Bid

TestWay Express Generates Lean Test & Assembly Programs

Industry News | 2012-10-25 12:35:38.0

TestWay Express is a fully integrated solution that enables electronic manufacturers to optimize the design to delivery flow.

ASTER Technologies

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ezLOAD - ITOCHU-TAKAYA APT-8300, APT-8400, APT-8400-CE, APT-8400-CE-A [EZL-120-IT.100]

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

Count On Tools 120 Series PCB Support Modules for Flying Probe: ITOCHU-TAKAYA APT-8300, APT-8400, APT-8400-CE, APT-8400-CE-A, Height: 100.7

PCBA Supplies

Takaya 9000-26C Board

Takaya 9000-26C Board

Parts & Supplies | In-Circuit Testers

9000-26C Board used in the Takaya 8400 Flying Probe Tester


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Testing Digital Designs – The Boundary-scan Balance

Technical Library | 2010-05-20 17:17:03.0

As several industry pundits have expressed in recent years: "the era of 'one test method fits all' seems well behind us." For most test managers with even a modest mix of products, trying to formulate a test policy/philosophy has become a tricky balancing act at the best of times. James Stanbridge, Sales Manager UK for JTAG Technologies, and Steve Lees Managing Director of ATE Solutions look at the options.

JTAG Technologies B. V.

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Example of how to import CAD data and BOM files, and export setup files for ATE, flying probe ATE and design 'bed of nails' fixturing.

Example of how to import CAD data and BOM files, and export setup files for ATE, flying probe ATE and design 'bed of nails' fixturing.

Videos - In minutes the Unisoft ProntoTEST-FIXTURE software translates CAD & BOM files into real reference designators, netlists, X/Y component pin geometries, values, tolerances, part numbers, etc. This data is used by Test

UNISOFT Corporation

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2000 Takaya APT-9401CJ Flying Probe Tester - Baja Bid LLC

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2000 Takaya APT-9401CJ Flying Probe Tester - Baja Bid LLC Skip to content Your EMS Asset Management Partner Careers Current Auctions Linkedin page opens in new window Baja Bid LLC Your EMS Asset Management Partner Home About Services Managed Online Auctions Asset Analysis Consignment Program Cash Buyout Program

Baja Bid

Takaya 8400 parts available – IslandSMT

IslandSMT |

: Home Blog Takaya 8400 parts available We have processed two Takaya 8400 flying probe machines and now have the following Takaya parts in house Takaya Servo Motor 7521 Takaya Servo Motor 7523 Takaya


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