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Cure Ovens and Cycle Interuption

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 17 13:23:15 EST 1999 | Chris

I have an underfill material which takes 6 hours to cure. It works great, better than any other underfill I have ever used. A vertical cure oven is too expensive. I am currently using batch style ovens and opening the oven door as additional produ

Cleaning Machine and Chemistry

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 19 11:36:39 EST 2001 | billschreiber

Hello Mark, I wish it were that simple so I could direct you to a particular manufacturer and stencil cleaner model. Unfortunately, there are several issues complicating the process of cleaning all these applications in one machine. First and fore

paste Sn42/Bi58 and Lead Finish

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 03 11:08:24 EDT 2012 | anvil1021

We have experience with this alloy, but with enig and we did start with PB HASL, none of our PCBs would of course pass thermal cycling at normal temperatures with the HASL so we went to ENIG. we could thermal cycle at 100-115C with no issues. We foun

Re: Reflow glue and past.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 14:49:23 EST 2000 | Travis Slaughter

I have never tried this and wouldn�t really even want to consider it. Epoxy generally cures at around 160c in a fairly short amount of time, solder paste requires much more time and a peek temperature of about 210c or more in some cases. Curing you

Re: BGA rework and reliability

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 30 15:09:44 EST 1998 | ChungPark

Dear all, What are your views on reworking BGA's? I mean, with the BGA going through reflow temperatures four times or more, and with a manual reballing process, wouldn't it raise up a few reliability issues? Would you consider not doing rew

Water wash flux and cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 09:47:23 EDT 2017 | georgetruitt

You have a lot to think about! What does the flux manufacturer recommend as far as specifics like water temp or pressure? Do they recommend high temp di-water a detergent or saponifier? Do you currently have a cleaning machine, batch cleaner or inl

Cracking Capacitors and Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 08 14:19:30 EDT 1998 | Gary Simbulan

Earl, et al, Boy things get old and cold around here fast. I promised more detail on my capactior problem and I thought I could drop something completely different in the same message and tell a tale of solder balls. First the caps. We still have

Wave Soldering and Through Hole Forums

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 24 09:53:56 EST 2002 | davef

You didn�t tell us about your solder, wave temperature profile, or the distribution of the problem. So, let�s assume the solder is near eutectic and the problem is wide spread. Wolfgang makes good points. So, let's talk a different tact. When we

lead free platings and tin lead

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 31 17:36:36 EDT 2004 | davef

NO-LEAD COMPONENTS WITH LEAD SOLDER ISSUE: We agree with Russ. We've dicussed this several times on SMTnet. For instance, look here http://www.smtnet.com/forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_ID=25394 LEAD COMPONENTS WITH NO-LEAD SOLDER ISSUE: We disa

Solder Paste and fine pitch components

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 11:14:45 EDT 2002 | Jim M.

We had lots of problems with bridging on 15.8mm pitch, QFP17-160 at the start.The board was .032 thick, double sided-six boards to a panel. Here is the problems (not neccessarily in the biggest to little but as i remember them) and solutions that he

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