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What is humidity control dry cabinet?

Technical Library | 2019-05-17 01:50:39.0

Dry cabinet is especially designed with fully automatic humidity control to prevent moisture related defects. This cabinet is the optimal storage expert for SMT/BGA/PCB/IC electronic components.Our newly developed design greatly increases dehumidifying system which runs faster and more reliable compare to those traditional dry cabinets. it decreases the defective rate at production line.

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What is usage of Electronic dry cabinet?

Technical Library | 2019-08-19 23:55:20.0

Electronic dry cabinet for MSD storage Humidity is one of the key reasons for rejected products, many manufacturers are taking measures to control the humidity to increase production efficiency and save cost. In semiconductor and electronic industry, the key section of rejected products mostly happen during SMT heating process, Climatest Symor® auto dry cabinet is a superior solution to avoid the cracking. Warranty: two years with lifetime technical support

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When you pull out the nitrogen pipe of nitrogen cabinet

Technical Library | 2019-11-07 03:07:12.0

Many customers who have purchased the nitrogen cabinets have been in the mistaken belief that the air pipe can be pull down hard,so that it can cause the board to be damaged due to the hard pulling of the air pipe, which leads to the replacement of the penetrating board. Now, the following pictures are provided. Please note: Nitrogen cabinet is a optiomal choice for the microelectronics,semiconductor for humidity proof and anti-oxidation purpose,Climatest has put much efforts on the R&D of dry cabinets,as you know,our advangtage is to handle temperature and humidity,since early 1990s,our engineers began to test and research dry cabinet and nitrogen cabinet,all of our manufacturing process strictly follow ISO9001 standard,we supply to international customers for 20 years,if you are still looking for a reliable dry cabinet manufacturer to protect your MSD from moisture related damage,come to visit,we are ready!

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Symor ESD storage dry cabinet(Working principle)

Technical Library | 2019-04-08 23:21:29.0

Climatest Symor® adopts molecular sieve to dry air, the whole system is controlled by microcomputer, when humidity is high, It will start to absorb moisture,when the humidity reach the pre-set value, it will stop absorbing, and then discharge the water to outside the cabinet by heating,again and again by automatic control. The most effective and environment-friendly moisture-absorbing desiccant is molecular sieve, molecular sieve is the microporous crystal material synthesized by silicon and aluminium oxide. In order to keep the crystal net discharge to be zero, atoms with cations are located in the crystal structure.and the cation used in these synthetic crystals is usually sodium. At present, there are two kinds of molecular sieves widely used in the dry box industry: Class A and Class X. Molecular sieves are synthesized, shaped and activated under strictly controlled production processes. The whole controlled sythesis process can ensure consistency of the three-dimensional pore size. 3A molecular sieve pore size is 3 angstroms, 4A molecular sieve pore size is 4 angstroms; 13X molecular sieve pore size is 8.5 angstroms. The working principle of molecular sieve: Molecular sieves adsorb molecules onto the crystal surface by physical attraction force. Since 95% surface area of the molecular sieve is within aperture,it needs to screen the adjacent molecules by different size. Only small size molecules can enter into the inner adsorption surface of the molecular sieve through the crystal aperture. This selective adsorption phenomenon is called molecular sieve effect. The molecular sieve adsorption capacity and charge density (polarity) are further related to the adsorbed molecules. The molecular sieves can further distinguish which of the mixed molecules can be adsorbed and determine to what extent the charge density can allow the molecules to be adsorbed onto the crystal. Water molecules are particularly small (2.6 angstroms), that belong to highly polar molecules (very strong positive and negative electron density), and are easily adsorbed by molecular sieves, even under very low moisture condition,once the water molecules are adsorbed,they will be firmly fixed on the crystal. The environment-friendly moisture absorption device is equipped with molecular sieve. When it’s absorbing, the memory alloy controller is in tensile state, and the spring is in contractive state,which just make the valve contact the outer baffle, this insulates the outside air from inside dry box air to achieve dehumidification purpose; and after molecular sieve absorbed moisture inside dry box and become saturated, the program will automatically control the memory alloy device to shrink it so that the valve reaches the inner baffle position. Meanwhile, due to the shrinkage of the memory alloy, the spring is stretched and the valve is pulled out of the outer baffle,so that the moisture in molecular sieve will be discharged into the outside. after the dehumidifying process finished, the program automatically control and reset the memory alloy and spring,to restart absorbing status.

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What is the application of moisture proof dry cabinet?

Technical Library | 2019-04-11 05:59:57.0

Are your MSD safely stored? As humidity is found to be one of the key reasons for rejected products, many manufacturers are taking measures to control the humidity to increase their production efficiency and save the cost. In the industries of semi-conductor and electronics, the key section in which the rejected products are most probably to be made is that during the heating process of SMT, the IC(e.g.,PBGA,BGA,or TQFD) is likely to crack and thus cause non-effective welding because of the humidity. Climatest Symor® auto dry cabinet is the best solution to avoid the cracking and non#2;effective welding by dehumidifying the surface of your components. The dry unit can be used for 20 years without replacement,and controller is calibration free within 5 years.We attach dry cabinet application with different humidity range,welcome to download.

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How to protect your PCB from moisture related damage?

Technical Library | 2019-04-07 22:47:46.0

How to protect your PCB from moisture related damage? J-STD-033 put forward stricter regulation on the MSD exposure environment,when the exposure time exceed the tolerated,the moisture will penetrate into electronics,Moreover, the newest RoHS regulation will rise soldering temperature,the sudden high temperature will lead to expansion and cracking on electronic components. In order to decrease the moisture defect on PCB for the manufacturers in China,Climatest Symor® begin to concentrated on electronic dry cabinet R&D since early 1990s,we specialize in handling temperature and humidity for 20 years,and we provide best solution for PCB storage.

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