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AOI useage

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 04 07:40:49 EST 2011 | tony_d

Mike, Do yourself a favor and check out MIRTEC. As far as I am concerned, they have the best damn table top AOI on the market. There is so much information in this forum to support this claim. Just my two cents... Tony_D

AOI: Agilent vs. Omron vs. MIRTec/YESTech?

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 01 16:51:14 EST 2006 | tony_d

Hello Lou, I agree with John S. There is no substitute for first hand experience. I recently evaluated these machines among others for my company. I selected Mirtec based on ease of programming, inspection performance and Gage R&R testing. We

AOI - Whether Vi Tech or Omron

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 23 00:15:50 EDT 2009 | tony_d

Hello Nagesh, Do yourself a favor, check out MIRTEC's MV-7 system. I purchased one of these machines with the Intelli-Scan laser option. This is a secondary laser inspection system that allows you to test for coplanarity of leaded and non-leaded de

Who has best desktop AOI ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 13 15:51:30 EDT 2010 | tony_d

Hello Jamyboy, If you don't mind paying a premium. You can't go wrong with Mirtec. In my opinion they have the absolute best desktop AOI system on the market! Here is a link - http://www.mirtecusa.com/index.php?_p_=11 Best of luck with your AOI

Landrex Optima II AOI

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 26 09:24:17 EDT 2008 | tony_d

Hello Reese, You may want to check out MIRTEC's MV-7 machine. It is simple to use, like your YESTech M1 (we looked at YESTech before selecting MIRTEC). But unlike the M1, the MIRTEC MV-7 has five 2 meg cameras, and a laser inspection option as wel


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 07 09:32:14 EDT 2006 | tony_d

Hello Saaitk, I was recently tasked with selecting an AOI system for our company. We are a low to medium manufacturer as well. I looked at several different vendors and narrowed the field to Mirtec and Yestech. I found that the programming was v

AOI Bench top

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 04 11:55:23 EDT 2012 | tony_d

We are a low to mid range manufacturer as well. I looked at several different vendors incuding; Mirtec, Viscom, Marantz, Omron, VI Tech, Orbotech and Yestech. We selected Mirtec. As a mid range manufacturer, one of my main concerns was quick and eas


Electronics Forum | Wed May 31 15:50:15 EDT 2006 | tony_d

Hello Barry, I have not had any experience with the Testronics bench top system. I did, however, evaluate MIRTEC, MVP, N-Spec and YESTech. In my opinion, the MVP was simply too complicated and took too long to program for a low volume high mix man

Which AOI to buy?

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 04 07:10:48 EST 2006 | tony_d

Hello bpeach, I recently purchased AOI system for our company. We are a low to mid range manufacturer as well. I looked at several different vendors around the price range that you are looking at incuding; Mirtech, Viscom, N-Spec, Omron, VI Tech, Or


Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 05 15:10:18 EDT 2008 | tony_d

Hello Federico, I know what you are going through. A few years back, I was faced with having to purchase AOI equipment for my business. My selection team and I looked at several different manufacturers including MVP (too difficult to program!). We

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