New SMT Equipment: topaz yv100 x200series (31)

yamaha feeder & philips feeder & assembleon feeder

yamaha feeder & philips feeder & assembleon feeder

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Philips feeder & assembleon feeder for assembleon emerald-x,assembeleon fcm, assembleon topaz,assembleon sapphire/comet, assembleon topaz-x,assembleon sapphire-x,assembleon opal-x,assembleon mg&mc,philips emerald-x,philips fcm, philips topaz,philips

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yamaha smt nozzle

yamaha smt nozzle

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Yamaha smt nozzle used for Yamaha machiens: YV-66, YV-80, YV-84, YV-88, YV-88-2, YV-88X, YV-88XF, YV-100X, YV-100XF, YV 100II, YV-64, YV-112, YV-113, YV-120, YG100, YG200,YV-64D, YV-84D, Philips/Assembleon machines: Topaz X, Topaz XII, EMERALD,EMERLD

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Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 05 08:49:43 EST 2002 | pjc

Yamaha YV100Xg is the Topaz XII YV100X is Topaz X YV100II is Topaz YV88Xg is Emerald XII YV88X is Emerald X YVL88II is Emerald YV180Xg is Sapphire XII

Juki2000 vs YamahaYV100 or 88

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 02 14:41:01 EDT 2001 | Roger

In the U.S. you cannot buy Yamaha machines. Assembleon (previously Phillips) exclusively markets Yamaha machines in the U.S. and names the machines after rocks. I think the YV100 is sold as either the Topaz or Sapphire by Assembleon.

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Philips Topaz/Yamaha YV100-2

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Looking for Philips Topaz / Yamaha YV100 II machine. also looking for other Philips / Yamaha model (YV100, YV100X, YV100XG, Topaz X, Topaz Xi)

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Philips Topaz (Yamaha YV100 II)

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Philips Topaz / Yamaha YV100-2 x many sets for sales

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Yamaha YV100X R KV8-M8810-00X WRENCH

Yamaha YV100X R KV8-M8810-00X WRENCH

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YAMAHA YV100X R KV8-M8810-00X WRENCH ASSY YV100X,YV100XG,YV100XT,YV100XTG,YV80X,TOPAZ WRENCH ASSY Part nr.: 5322 395 10877 Shaft assembly-disassembly

KingFei SMT Tech

Yamaha YAMAHA 5322 130 10075 SENSOR, CE,FLV REC. REAR

Yamaha YAMAHA 5322 130 10075 SENSOR, CE,FLV REC. REAR

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Receiver for feeder-floating System TOPAZ KH5-M3456-A0X SNESOR,R TAKEX GTR3RSPN, TAKEX GTR3RSPN YV100X,YV100XG,YV180X,YV180XG,YV100II,YG200 TOPAZ KH5-M3456-A20 YAMAHA GT3RSPN

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i have experience in                                                                           • Operation of wave soldering and water cleaning machine • Inspection ( Reflow and Post Wave ) • Pre Reflow inspection in SMD • Component forming stuffi

Equipment Engineer\B Tech (EC)\7.5+ Years Ex

Career Center | Dargaha Road Zameen Pallavaram Chennai, Tamilnadu India | Maintenance,Technical Support

CURRENT JOB: • Responsible for four sub department as Production support, Preventive maintenance activity, Spare parts control and NPI (New product Introduction) under one Equipment department. • Take care of OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), MTTR

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All of the YAMAHA and Assembleon pick up nozzles in the below list are available. Once you need, ple

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 NOZZLE ASSY - TYPE 64A (532236010497) KV7-M7750-A1X YV88X NOZZLE ASSY - TYPE 65A (532253051374) KV7-M7760-00X YV88X NOZZLE ASSY - TYPE 66A (MELF) (532236010478) YVL88 II / YV100 II NOZZLE (EMERALD / TOPAZ II) Part number Description KM0-M711A-02XD YVL88

Goldland Electronic Technology Company Limited

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