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Dual Lane / Dual Temperature SMT Reflow Oven - 1910 MK5

Dual Lane / Dual Temperature SMT Reflow Oven - 1910 MK5

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Dual Chamber Module - Dual Chambers + Dual Blowers + Dual Heaters + Dual T/Cs. Bifurcated (Dual) chamber reflow oven allows 2 different thermal profiles to run simultaneously in the same reflow oven foot print Improved temperature uniformity acro

Heller Industries Inc.

Customized IR Curing Oven

Customized IR Curing Oven

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Customized IR Curing Oven​ If you could not find any similar items you want, you may send some photos to us. because our catalog and website haven't included all of our products. PCBA conformal coating machine, smt coating machine, selective co

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Re: Simutaneous Double sided reflow assy

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 17:01:26 EDT 2000 | Bob Willis

Here is some further information on SDSRS process, but please purchase a copy of the report from t he SMTA as all the money goes to charity. In the UK the SMART Group raised over �3000 for the homeless. SMTA have been raising a lot of money for the G

Thermally Conductive Epoxy

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 19:03:32 EDT 2001 | seand

Hello John, What is the key reason requiring that this unknown material be injected from below vs. dispensed prior to placement. Is it an issue with reflow temperatures, effect on placement/thermal expansion? Is this a true requirement or specul

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BTU International Selects TSM Solutions as its New Representative in Malaysia

Industry News | 2011-05-27 21:53:38.0

BTU International announces the selection of TSM Solutions as its new representative in Malaysia. TSM will represent BTU’s award-winning line of Pyramax™ convection reflow ovens.

BTU International

SMT Dictionary – Surface Mount Technology Acronym and Abbreviation

Industry News | 2018-12-08 03:29:29.0

SMT Dictionary – Surface Mount Technology Acronym and Abbreviation

Flason Electronic Co.,limited

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Reflow Oven For Dual Lane & Temperature Reflow Soldering.

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) Feature Dual Chamber Module Dual Lane Dual EHC & Thin Sled CBS Dual Conveyor Speed Dual 300mm Extension for exit Dual Computers & Monitors Dual Controllers Dual Inverter Fan Speed Control 1910 MK5 - 4 Lane Dual Chamber SMT Reflow Oven Bifurcated Dual Lane / Dual Temperature Reflow Oven chamber allows 2 different thermal

Heller Industries Inc.

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