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COMPETITIVE  ABB DSQC612  PLS  or  +86 18030235313

COMPETITIVE ABB DSQC612 PLS or +86 18030235313

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LOCTITE HF 212 Halogen-Free Solder Paste

LOCTITE HF 212 Halogen-Free Solder Paste

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8 hours), and abandon time (>4 hours) Printing: Suitable for high speed printing up to 150 mm/s Reflow: Solderable on challenging surface finishes (CuNiZn and Copper OSP) Colorless residues for easy post-reflow inspection Careful contr

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type 3 vs type 4 paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 07 09:23:05 EST 2002 | russ

What would the considerations be in utilizing a type 4 paste as opposed to type 3? We have an assembly that has a large amount of uBGAs (12 mil diam pad)along with 50 mil pitch BGAs assorted fine pitch etc... We are experiencing difficulty in paste

Type 3 vs. Type 4 solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 09 20:01:12 EST 2006 | AB

What are the pros and cons between type 3 and type 4 no clean solder paste (SnPb)?

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FCT Assembly to Exhibit Solution-Driven Solder Pastes at the SMTA Capital Expo

Industry News | 2014-09-06 15:26:20.0

FCT Assembly today announced plans to exhibit at the SMTA Capital Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at the John Hopkins University/Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD.


FCT Assembly to Exhibit Solution Driven Solder Pastes at SMTA Space Coast

Industry News | 2014-11-22 07:42:40.0

FCT Assembly today announced plans to exhibit at the Space Coast and Tampa Bay Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Thursday, December 4, 2014 at the Park Inn by Radisson in Kissimmee, FL. Solder expert Rodney Wade will be available to discuss FCT’s NanoSlic® Gold stencil and line of solution-driven solder pastes.


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Fuji FUJI NXT Oil Gun AWPJ8200 AWPJ8202 For FUJI Surface Mount Machine

Fuji FUJI NXT Oil Gun AWPJ8200 AWPJ8202 For FUJI Surface Mount Machine

Parts & Supplies | Assembly Accessories

FUJI Spare Parts List 1. AJ64207 NXT Flat cable 2. AJ13203 Harness Flat, Cable Type3 3. AJ13111 Harness Flat, Cable Type2 4. AJ13C00 Harness Flat, Cable Type1 5. AJ92604 Harness Flat, Cable Type2 6. AJ92805 Harness Flat, Cable Type4 7. AJ927

KingFei SMT Tech

Yamaha Black SMT Pick Up NOZZLE 215 9498 396 00645 ASSY For YG100 Machine

Yamaha Black SMT Pick Up NOZZLE 215 9498 396 00645 ASSY For YG100 Machine

Parts & Supplies | Visual Inspection

Assembleon SMT pick up NOZZLE 215 ASSY for YG100 machine Supply original new and copy new Smt nozzles for YAMHA YG100 machine KGS-M7710-A1X YG100 211A Nozzle KGS-M7720-A1X YG100 212A Nozzle KGS-M7730-01X YG100 213A Nozzle KGS-M7740-A1X YG100

KingFei SMT Tech

Technical Library: type4 or type3? (3)

A Study to Determine the Impact of Solder Powder Mesh Size and Stencil Technology Advancement on Deposition Volume when Printing Solder Paste

Technical Library | 2017-04-13 16:14:27.0

The drive to reduced size and increased functionality is a constant in the world of electronic devices. In order to achieve these goals, the industry has responded with ever-smaller devices and the equipment capable of handling these devices. The evolution of BGA packages and leadless devices is pushing existing technologies to the limit of current assembly techniques and materials.As smaller components make their way into the mainstream PCB assembly market, PCB assemblers are reaching the limits of Type 3 solder paste, which is currently in use by most manufacturers.The goal of this study is to determine the impact on solder volume deposition between Type 3, Type 4 and Type 5 SAC305 alloy powder in combination with stainless steel laser cut, electroformed and the emerging laser cut nano-coated stencils. Leadless QFN and μBGA components will be the focus of the test utilizing optimized aperture designs.

AIM Solder

Size Matters - The Effects of Solder Powder Size on Solder Paste Performance

Technical Library | 2020-02-12 22:54:13.0

Solder powder size is a popular topic in the electronics industry due to the continuing trend of miniaturization of electronics. The question commonly asked is “when should we switch from Type 3 to a smaller solder powder?” Solder powder size is usually chosen based on the printing requirements for the solder paste. It is common practice to use IPC Type 4 or 5 solder powders for stencil designs that include area ratios below the recommended IPC limit of 0.66. The effects of solder powder size on printability of solder paste have been well documented.The size of the solder powder affects the performance of the solder paste in other ways. Shelf life, stencil life, reflow performance, voiding behavior, and reactivity / stability are all affected by solder powder size. Testing was conducted to measure each of these solder paste performance attributes for IPC Type 3, Type 4, Type 5 and Type 6 SAC305 solder powders in both water soluble and no clean solder pastes. The performance data for each size of solder powder in each solder paste flux was quantified and summarized. Guidance for choosing the optimal size of solder powder is given based on the results of this study.


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