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The Characterization and Comparison of Spray Fluxers

Technical Library | 1999-04-26 11:52:34.0

An evaluation of two fluxers, one with a reciprocating ultrasonic head and the other with microjets, was performed using nine independent criteria. The paper describes the methods of testing and the results.

Siemens Process Industries and Drives

An Experimental Investigation of Fracture Toughness and Volume Resistivity of Symmetric Laminated Epoxy/ Glass Fiber/CNT multiscale composites

Technical Library | 2022-01-26 15:26:56.0

In this work an attempt is made to improve the fracture toughness and electrical conductivity of epoxy/glass fiber based laminates by the inclusion of carbon nanotube (CNT) fillers. The fiber orientation of the epoxy/ glass fiber (GF) fabric laminates was optimized based on estimation of mechanical properties. The carboxylic acid functionalized CNTs were incorporated into epoxy matrix by ultra-sonication method. The nano filled epoxy resin was used to prepare laminates with 30/45 GF fabric orientation. The CNT content was varied and its effect on the tensile properties was determined. The fracture toughness of multiphase composites was estimated using single edge notch bend (SENB) test. The presence of CNTs improved the fracture toughness by a crack bridging mechanism. The volume resistivity of multiphase composites was found to be superior to the conventional epoxy/CNT composite. The presence of glass fabric reduces the number of inter-tube contacts contributing to the reduction in volume resistivity.

Amrita University


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