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GSM / universal genesis programming components that hang over the edges of the PCB (connectors)

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 01 18:33:10 EDT 2022 | griinder

I assume you are programming with DPO? I am using a Fuzion, so it may be a bit different. In "Environment Settings" (The little PC icon in the DPO start bar) under the products tab I am able to change the product load options to "warning" instead of

Is anyone running 36in or larger boards thru SMT?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 31 07:54:28 EST 2015 | whitewing

A subcontractor I use in the UK has Europlacer iieno machines for up to 1.6m Another UK sub with long-board capacity uses Universal Fuzion XC2-60

Pick N Place Machine 550mm length PCB

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 26 10:51:20 EDT 2013 | capse

Universal Instruments has several platforms for you to consider; Advantis AC-60 LED, Genesis II and Fuzion.

Universal Instruments or Mirae

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 14:38:56 EDT 2017 | emeto

From the specs that I see online it looks that UIC Fuzion can make 150k/h and Mirae 55k/h. Define machines and we can talk.


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