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Re: Drying ICs any advice

Electronics Forum | Fri May 15 10:11:19 EDT 1998 | Justin Medernach

We had some failures on an IC package that the manufacturer has put down to moisture inside the package, leading to popcorning. This seems a bit odd, the package is a PLCC 84 which is quite thick. I have only seen this problem on thin packages.

Universal instruments registration

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 19 13:28:39 EDT 2002 | pjc

To CS: If you "build" in this cost for telephone support on new and recond machines, because that's all we're talking about here since you are being paid for parts and field service, and the original purchaser sells the machine then they won't be ca

Universal instruments registration

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 16 14:42:20 EDT 2002 | stefwitt

I think this licensing thing was a poor decision to begin with. I can understand the reasoning for GenRad to issue a software license, to protect their product against cloning. Why Universal followed could have been caused by the take over and the

Universal instruments registration

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 18 14:22:39 EDT 2002 | eedllc

I agree with Steve Huey, as a former Field Engineer and Asian Customer service manager living in Hong Kong for almost 10 years with little blue, there has been an incremental hit on all of the OEM's combined profits.They needed a strategy and some sc

Universal instruments registration

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 17 14:03:37 EDT 2002 | lysik

Pansonic is Real good about support once you have registered a machine. But They are in serious violation of the law if you have a part number and want to buy a part. In the USA a OEM must sell you parts no questions asked as long as you have a part

Universal instruments registration

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 19 12:27:09 EDT 2002 | jeffreybrown

I have read with interest this string of opinions about support of old machines. I am the service manager of Contact Systems and I deal with customer support every day. Our policy is to treat all owners of Contact machines in an evenhanded way. The w

Universal instruments registration "UIC IS EXAMPLE ONLY"

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 14 00:04:50 EDT 2002 | lysik

Just to let all the folks no. If you register (and pay the fee) a machine with any (OEM) company in the USA You have the same rights as a new user. Companies like UIC, Gen Rad, Agilent, etc came up with these fees to discourage buying used equipment.

MANEX ERP or DBA Manufacturing - any user comments?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 27 18:39:30 EDT 2007 | allgood

We're looking at ERP software for our very small proto and small batch shop. Manex is a name that crops up as being specifically designed for CEMS rather than all the rest which are modified from a universal base. The other is DBA Manuafcturing whi

universal radial 5 cable

Electronics Forum | Wed May 27 10:26:35 EDT 2015 | jodonoghue

hi a long shot but i am looking for help trying to source a cable from a universal rad 5 sequencer . it is the cable that goes between the interupt sensor and the i/o box .. any help would be appreciated or help on where to look thanks in advance

universal dual head (axial)

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 13 17:29:02 EDT 2007 | fnorradd

I am currently having a problem with uncut legs on one side of axial components from a universal dual head insertion machine. Initially it was thought that the anvil on one side was engaging slow so I stripped down and changed the seals in the botto

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